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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

Tempus Fugit Memento Mori - Time Flies Remember Death 

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Monday, June 7, 2010

Rape Trees: The myth of the noble, pure, wonderful Mexican [illegal].

Caudillo culture is a non-culture.

by StFerdIII

Cultural Marxism and socialist racism find their voices in many illiterate outbursts, and in virulent support for ostensibly dysfunctional and quite insane theologies. Islam-is-Peace. Arabs-inhabited-Israel-first. Gaza-is-starving. Socialism-means-compassion. Oprah-is-mandatory-viewing. Jews-and-Whites-are-all-'fascists' [though none of the people who hold this belief even know what that word means]. Illegal-immigration-is-necessary-and-moral......All counter-reality theses are now held and cherished by the statists, the socialists and the multi-cultural careerists, as ineffable 'facts' and state-sponsored dogma.

These are mental aberrations of course and the list of cognitive afflictions is arduously long and devoid of any factual basis. Illegal Mexican immigration is literally bankrupting US states; causing a border war in which hundreds if not thousands are dead each year; and generating rapes, crimes, and the collapse of civil society. Yet the media, the academics, and the elite defend the indefensible position of supporting history's second largest migrant wave – all accomplished illegally. None of the elite have even seen a Rape-Tree. As a local writer blogged:

“These are memorials, if you will, that are left behind by Mexican drug cartel members, and illegal male immigrants who have raped illegal female immigrants and then forced their victims to hang their clothes, usually panties or bras, on trees.  With seized weapons on display, the officials described how border violence plays out in human smuggling, home invasions, rapes, auto thefts, and kidnappings.”

So where is the Feminist-Marxist-MSM outrage over the scores of raped women, beaten women, degraded women and criminally assaulted women, whose clothing drapes trees all over the Arizona-Sonora desert? Where are the chanting marching bands of Mexican racists, so intent on 'protesting' America's right to protect its borders, protesting the destruction of thousands of female lives? Hypocrites and brown-power racists. That is what these people are.

The elite don't have to live along the US southern border. So they don't care what the impacts are to society in the border states. Witness the 'Rape Trees'. These are a barbaric and cruel indication of Mexican caudillo savagery. Trees are draped and ornamented with the clothing of raped women. Women raped by gangs of illegal Mexican criminals and thugs, as they devastate their way into the US. But the really smart people ignore such monuments of crime and cruelty. For them Mexicans are wonderful, perfect, non-White examples of enlightenment. They come to America to 'work hard' and 'provide food for their families'. None of the facts support the hagiography around the mythical Mexcian.

As one local reporter and writer stated – not only are the rapes legion in the areas of illegal journeying, but so too is the environmental destruction.  Yet the Green Nazis, along with the Feminists and Marxists, so outraged by other events, are curiously silent about all of this:

“Unfortunately, many Americans will never know about the many wonderful contributions that the illegal immigrants have left behind on their way to a new life......Ask Obama and his propaganda ministers in the MSM, and you will hear that it is the Arizona leaders who are breaking federal law, not the Mexican Nationals who redecorated the Sonoran Desert.

Another thing many Americans will never learn. They will never learn that the unsanitary conditions, the Mexican Nationals have left behind, will in time cause disease from all the uncovered human waste left in the once pristine Desert.

In another place in Arizona, known as one of the many "layups", just north of Nogales, the trash was so heavy with debris one could walk one-half mile over the garbage without ever touching the actual ground. It's was so bad that the government condemned it as a bio hazard zone. Those who volunteered to clean the mess up had to wear protective suits and get training on how to avoid exposing themselves to infectious diseases and contamination.

Human and environmental destruction. Nice. Yet illegal immigration is now a 'human right', conflated bizarrely with legal immigration. The two have nothing in common. Every state needs some legal immigration but no state needs illegal immigration. Immigration has five components – all of them are now being ignored.

-First, immigration must be legal and done according to rules which apply to everyone who wishes to enter a country.

-Secondly, immigration must go to support either the creation of jobs, or the filling of excess labor capacity in certain markets.

-Third, it cannot compromise national security, especially in an age rampant with Muslim terror.

-Fourth, it must be cost neutral or of a net-benefit, to the taxpayer.

-Lastly, legal immigration must support the culture of the state, with immigrants assimilated into the greater majoritarian culture, leaving their pre-immigration culture behind.

None of these necessary rules of self-interest apply in North America today. Too many illegals are getting into North America. Cultural assimilation is not occurring. Immigration net costs are fantastic and rising. Security in an era of unfettered Muslim fascism is being compromised:

In the past 10 years there have been various studies which estimate the cost of US immigration at more than $60 billion per annum, roughly split between 50 % for legals and 50 % for illegals. These studies indicate that immigrants with college education and above contribute a net surplus to society. Legal and illegal immigrations with high school or worse education consume state welfare budgets.

The noble idea that Canada and America ‘must’ welcome ‘most’ immigrants who wish to fulfill their fantasies by joining North American society is ridiculously unsophisticated, and worse it distorts the debate. Immigration is a cultural and jobs issue first and foremost. It has nothing to do with romantic ideas of penniless immigrants arriving on the boat in the rain wearing threadbare clothes, ambitious to achieve the American dream.

The economic, legal and social factors comprising the 19th and early 20th century immigration waves are far removed from today’s reality. These experiences do however indicate one critical point – that without cultural and societal assimilation any immigration program fails. This is why the multi-club of cultural relativity is so dangerous. The entire ethos of the multi-cult is to dismember the existing state of affairs in Canada and the USA. This must be rejected.

The multi-cult is a failure. Without a majoritarian culture which promotes reality, progress, natural law rights, Judeo-Christian values, rationality, and individual self-reliance, you have nothing but a hodge-podge of statism, reliance on government, and the division of society into little competing groups, unified only by their desire to get yet more tax payer money, welfare and transfers. Mono-cultures survive, multi-cultures don't.

Rape-Trees are like Mosques. Muslims build victory towers in locales which demonstrate power, and the submission of the victim society to the Islamic cult. Rape trees signal the Mexican culture of violence, hate, and misogyny – all of them testaments against the American ideal and against American culture. Like Mosques, Rape-Trees denote a rather special savagery in expressing satisfaction over a crime committed. For Muslims slavery, child-killing, Jew-hate, taxing Dhimmis, and implementing a 7th century pre-modern non-culture to satiate the perversions and power-mongering of Muslim males finds expression in Mosque building and the domination of the skyline. For illegal Mexicans their uncultured, uneducated barbarism is expressed through a journey of rape and destruction, rewarded with an entrance to America, where crime, rape and illegal work can help them pervert the 'American dream'.

The real racists are those who support illegal immigration and the corollary of rape, violence, crime and wanton destruction – all to bring down 'oppressive White America'. These are the true racists, the rabid Marxists, the preying statists. Immoral, oblique and insane – one and all.



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