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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Canadian Prime Minister Harper and dumb Conservatives apologizing for Islam

Politicians and the media who defend Islam and the Multi-cult club are a danger

by StFerdIII

Imagine this. 17 white Christians meet at the local swinging Protestant church. They listen to sermons denouncing Canadian society. They discuss with radical Pastors the destruction of Western civilization and the imposition of a pre-modern ‘religious’ cult. They communicate over the internet with other white Christians who want to demolish the modern world and impose a pre-medieval society. They set up training camps; acquire guns; buy explosives; identify in great detail important targets of destruction and write openly in emails and in chat rooms of their desire to liquidate as many Canadians as possible. Imagine them being caught and prosecuted. Now imagine the politicians and media refusing to use the word Christian in describing these men. Good luck. If white Christian males had plotted to blow up downtown Toronto and take thousands of lives the references to the Christian faith would be the headline of every major news story on the issue. Not so of course with the wonderful, peaceful cult of Islam. Islam is hands off to criticism – we must tolerate the immoderate and submit to the violent.

The mainstream alphabet soup media is of course supportive of Islam and against the current war. The sordid 1400 years of Islamic violence capped by 9-11 apparently have no import on their sorry views of reality. After 30 years of gutless appeasement thousands were slaughtered in New York and all the media can do is to remind people that there should never be a backlash against Muslims. This week the cowardly Canadian Prime Minister Harper, supposedly a ‘Conservative’ tearfully intoned that terrorism has nothing to do with Islam. Harper maintains that ‘religion’ does not impact one’s actions in the world. This is why we see so many Belgian Catholics setting off bombs across Europe, and Spanish Jews and German Lutherans murdering innocents in Iraq, Turkey and the Sudan. Harper and the media cabal are as dangerous to our liberty and this war on terror as the extremist Muslims that mutilate civilization.

The media and political circus around Islam is absurd. After 9-11 Bush and his friends tripped over themselves drooling to find the nearest mosque in which they could show their undying love for the multi-cult club of tolerance. Political and financial capital is spent to support Muslim groups and concepts. US and Canadian politicians routinely describe Islam as a religion. Anyone who has spent even a cursory glance at Islamic history knows that it is not a religion but a pagan cult. It is the antithesis of Western civilization and the Golden Rule of the Christian faith. This is not to deny that most Muslims are decent sorts – but so were many Germans in 1938. It is the ideology that counts not whether individual members are nice and smiley.

The reporting on the Canadian terrorist attack that was thwarted – and which saved the lives of thousands of innocents – is so puerile it hurts. The Toronto Star lamented a coming backlash against Muslims warning its readers that Islam is a great religion and the war on terror is to blame for radicalizing Islamic elements. The Times related that the 17 men arrested in Canada, “were mainly of South Asian descent and most were in their teens or early 20’s.” Please don’t tell us they are Muslims. The Times maintained that the men never of course, “openly embrace[d] violence.” and that worryingly, “some in the Muslim community [are] skeptical about the lack of specific charges.” Sure the Canadians are now rounding up Arabs and throwing them into concentration camps. In Europe Sky News was careful to say only that two arrested men were “both of Bengali origin.” Please don’t use that I word. The New York Times bravely stated that the “known terrorist group”—just might be “of Pakistani descent.” Wonderful – so Muslims attacking a Western city are just disaffected Asian youth – provoked into destroying their host society thanks to Marxian dialetics.

Such nonsense informs the media and political coverage of the war on terror. Haditha is now apparently the nadir of the war – even in spite of Zarqawis death which is portrayed by CNN, the BBC and ABC as bad news since someone more evil will take his place and instead of killing terrorist leaders we should embrace them much as Clinton lovlingly used to embrace Arafat. Haditha is a bad case but the Americans are fighting an enemy that kills from houses, mosques and hospitals; dresses as civilians and uses women and children to routinely blow up innocents and military personnel. It is not inconceivable that such families must be targeted for destruction. Aiding and abetting a fascist terror insurgency makes the non-combatant a legitimate military target. Sitting on our ample rumps in our comfy living rooms does not make any of the so-called experts expert at stating the obvious – that all who aid and comfort the enemy are by default at risk of termination. In fact none of the talking heads will make that point – imagine trying to fight an unconventional war with two hands tied behind your back. Winning a war mandates that you fight it to win – and anyone who supports the fascists should be killed.

Domestically Harper and others miss an essential element in their rush to glorify the multi-cult club. Islam is not by its nature, practice or implementation tolerant. In Europe Muslims huddle in ghettoes with more than just a few calling for sharia law and the millet system of land ownership where Muslims are a majority. In multi-cult loving Europe big mommy socialism has ensured a tepid economy, no jobs, a secular ideology devoted to short term pleasure and the destruction of western cultural virtue and power. Into this vacuum strides intolerant Islam and its utopian vision of a pre-modern glorious ideal. In Canada a paler imitation of this Euro-model holds power. Yet Canadians for all their multi-cult swagger and arrogance refuse to recognize the failure of this model; nor the radical elements within Islam that hate it and want to replace the modern Western nation state with a fantasy ideology of totalitarianism.

Not calling a cat, a cat, might appeal to some metaphysical urge to appear clever but it is crass ignorance and willful blindness that in the end, will end up murdering innocents. Prime Minister Harper and the media should be ashamed.

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