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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

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Monday, August 15, 2005

Canada’s multi-cults choose a Governor General ? Is this what adult countries do ?

by StFerdIII

Canada ‘appoints’ a state owned TV reporter as its Governor General reporting to the Queen of England – absurd but true
August 15 2005

It is hard to imagine a more messed up political system than Canada’s. There are many problems with
Canada’s political system, which are too numerous to list without nodding off to sleep but they do bear repeating. Canada is largely an undemocratic nation. Elections are not held on set dates leading to political manipulation of election dates. In most first-past-the post elections in most areas of the country, your vote does not count, especially if you are voting for the 2nd or 3rd place candidate. There are no referendums on any topics since the elite feels that the average citizen is too dumb to form an intelligent opinion. Corruption is widespread and supreme as a Quebec biker gang lead by a sweaty red faced ‘Prime Maladroit’ runs the country.

Government eats up 43 % of GDP and counting, with various politicians and their union allies crying for more. Parliamentary debate does not exist, backbenchers and elected officials have no power, the Prime Minister’s office runs the land, no debates or hearings on senatorial, ambassadorial or international appointments are allowed, and government spends taxpayer money on telling taxpayers how great the governing party in power is - a rather obvious misuse of taxpayer money. In fact the country exists to pay off
Quebec, the Toronto-Ottawa corridor and amply-waisted, fat pensioned politicians and their friends. In sum it is a laughable political arrangement that disparages the average citizen.

Only the insane anointment by the Chief of the Quebec Biker Gang of a ‘Governor General’ can perhaps top all the other parodies in the Canadian political system. Just imagine a grown up country with a Constitution that is older than
Germany’s electing someone who salutes the Queen of England. It is absurd. Even more endearing is that this post now, in the ‘New and more sensitive Canada’, goes only to non-white, French speaking, female broadcasters who represent all that is going wrong with the country. In fact with the non-white, socialist, high spending, former CBC journalist Adrienne Clarkson giving way to Michelle Jean, a non-white, Haitian born, CBC journalist, living in Quebec, the trend is clear. Multi-culturalism, and big statism as evidenced by CBC propaganda parading as journalism, is the ‘New’ Canada, and these failed policy choices must be reflected in a failed and redundant office.

Of course the multi-cults and media pundits love it. She "embodies the new face of
Canada," burbled the Toronto Star. She is "a poster child for modern Canada," declared the gushing National Post. The London Free Press, cried: "Now, three of the last five governors general have been women, which is more representative of a new Canada that encourages equality, rewards aspiration and welcomes the world." Bloggers in Canada were ecstatic, highlighting Canadian goodness, equality and celebration of women. Oh yes, next in line for the post will be a busty, non-white, anti-historical, trans-gendered news reporter from ‘The Eye’ in Toronto.

Back in the bad old days of pre-Trudeau
Canada, the G-G was a person of merit and weight. GG’s were not picked based on race, where they were born or what province they lived in, or what buddies they had in the Prime Minister’s Office. They were picked for their gravitas, hard work in the real world, military valor in defending the home country, or outstanding intellectual talent. They embodied the ‘bad old Canada’ of British institutional strength, pride in the country’s accomplishments and dedication to excellence and freedom. Say what you want about Jean, she is a reporter on a socialist state run TV network whose name recognition is zero outside of the few people that watch her show, or outside the buddy network in the Prime Minister’s Office.

The choice is patently ridiculous. Even if you believe that the GG’s office should exist – and it shouldn’t – can’t you find someone else with real weight and accomplishment to take up the robes of office ? Or is this the real
Canada ? A country so small that a high office is populated according to race, skin coloration, birthplace, language preferences and province of habitation ?

There are many good reasons to get rid of the GG’s office. Clarkson in the good socialist tradition floated across the world spending millions on useless trips such as her ‘Nordic’ tour to promote business.
Canada does more business with Buffalo than all the Nordic nations combined. Her budget spend escalated and what exactly was the return for the millions spent on her promotional tours ? Where is the payback for her campaigns to spread Canadian cheer and market the country ? Her odysseys were useless and wasteful. Maybe one could argue that historical linkages and conservative values are important enough to keep this wasteful position, but is that a sensible argument when the GG posting is now a multi-cult poster child placement? I don’t think so. Like all things in Canada the GG is just another left-liberal job opening to be filled by those that fit the Orwellian state’s idea of a good citizen.

In the pre-Trudeau years before socialists like Clarkson or non-entities like Jean received GG appointments
Canada was a pretty serious nation. Now it is just a cluster of media PR pieces for failed Multi-culturalism. Pre-Trudeau Canadians accepted wave after wave of new immigrants looking for hope and a chance. We asked them to join in, roll up their sleeves, be good citizens and help us work to build a country. Canadians, contrary to current liberal propaganda have always encouraged equality, rewarded aspiration and accepted other cultures, as long as they became Canadian. But such virtues are non-existent today. In current Canada multi-culturalism and environmentalism are the state’s religious cults. These cults mandate the rewriting of history, where the pre-Trudeau Canada was white, intolerant, racist, and stupid and the ‘New’ Multi-cult Canada is non-white, tolerant, loving and intelligent.

Sadly the multi-cults and the ruling class and party have decided that Jean, Clarkson and other big government supporters, are the icons of the ‘New’ generation. The absurdity, first of the GG position, and second of the people filling it, should warn Canadians that their country is in jeopardy of becoming a parody of a real nation. Whether anyone cares is another matter. But if u don’t defend or care about what is important, don’t be surprised to find the boot of the multi-cult state on your throat one day. ©

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