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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

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Friday, September 3, 2010

Multiculturalism: The Hindus created the modern world – or so they now tell us.

I thought it was the Muslims, and illiterate pagan Arabs?

by StFerdIII

Thanks to Shiva or Vishnu for the glories of the mult-cult fetish club. According to Hinduism's greatest propagandist, Swami Sanstha, the most important of the Hindu leaders and his BAPS organization, it is not the Muslims who created the modern world, from the wonders of their illiterate pagan Fascism called Submission. It is actually the Hindus who created everything. How multi-cultural! Swami S and his friends at BAPS have erected splendid centers and Temples across North America, informing the witless wonders of Anglo-Saxon and European ancestry, that the Hindus are the progenitors of all that is good, moral, right, just, and proud, in the world today.

Apparently everything we see in our world today from morality, ethics, and sewage, to universities,  advanced science and technology – have all emanated from polytheistic, pagan Hinduism, a neolithic era-created, and ritualized mysticism, in which literally hundreds of Gods exist who must be appeased through sacrifice, violent rituals, offerings and profoundly irrational prostration. Even into the 20th century animals were being slaughtered in votive offerings and females and children were still being butchered to soak mother Earth's soil and to create energy for the various and quite sundry 'gods', well into the 19th century. But no worries. The Hindus are the only credible link between neolithic savagery and the modern world.

Hinduism is the third largest grouping in the world with 1.2 billion followers. The Meccan moon cult has 1.6 billion and the Christian sects some 2.2 billion. But like Islam Hinduism is no more a faith or a religion than Shintoism – another non-cognitive and anti-humanist theology which underpinned Japanese state Fascism in the late 19th and early to mid 20th centuries, and a prime cause for the great Pacific war. A true faith must have four components, none of which Hinduism contains:

  1. The elevation of the individual as noble and worthy [not a piece of flesh subsumed into the cult].

  2. The Golden Rule.

  3. Clear rules and ethics on social interaction.

  4. Rationality.

Zen Buddhism contains 2 and 3. Hindu theology has none of the 4 essentials to mark it as a religion. A religion must be formed by 'Reason through Faith'. You cannot call a cult which disavows rationality a faith. Mystical ritualization is not a path to religion; but simply the fast track to turgidity, social rigidification, and intolerance to the dynamic forces which shape a modern world, including capital, the institutions of freedom, debate, technological application and the chaos of success, failure and trying again. Hindu dominated areas might have had, for some limited time, some success in creating wealth and crude innovations. But in the longer term of history they were doomed to poverty and failure as with all theologies which disavow the worth of the individual, and eschew the rational. Reason through faith is the key to transforming a static social order into the dynamism of the modern world.

The key to Hinduism is this: for 5.000 years the Hindus have believed, as almost all Asian theologies do, that chaos can only be brought under control by by all-powerful gods who will manage our world, our reality, and who must be obeyed through rites and standard practices; and appeased through blood offerings, the more violent of which will release the most energy, thereby satiating the god's lust for 'renewal'. In other words humans must sacrifice their humanism, their rationality, and even their children who are pure; or their animals who store great amounts of energy. Hinduism is a ritual-sacrificial and quite violent votive cult. It is that simple.

These are facts which are based on history, archeology and Hindu civilization such as it existed. This is not to say that individual Hindus were not, or are not, brilliant, moral, good, tolerant, and productive. Hindu medicine was advanced in comparison with the pre-Galen and Alexendrian periods in the West. It is certainly true that the decimal originated in India, a colossal invention that makes advanced science and math much easier. The Hindus also created complex cities and states, with magnificent public monuments, some semblance of running water [though very minor when compared to Rome and Carthage]; public schools, some forms of hospitals, and public welfare. The Hindus were great traders as well ranging in a web of networks all over the Indian Ocean long before the silk road to Europe from China was clanging with Byzantine and Greek traffic. Innovations in trade, money management, ship building and temple building mark out the Hindus as one of man's more interesting and coherent of theological groupings.

But the Hindus did not create the modern world. In relation to their 5.000 years of history, the Hindu contribution to the complexities of the modern world is quite poor. No more than a handful of real and truly revolutionary inventions can be attributed to the Hindus. It was the Europeans mastering ship building, sailing, the artifacts of war; commerce, innovation, and agricultural productivity who sailed to India – not the other way around. Medieval Christian Europe created our world – Reason through Faith. Only the Europeans had the confidence, the skill and the applications to first stop, and than destroy Moslem power. It was only the British who were able to defeat the Moslems in India, and arrest the moon cult's predations on Hindus, in which some 100 millions over 900 years [the British took over East Indian in 1757], were either enslaved or killed. The Hindus though greatly outnumbering both the Moslem Arabs, Turks and Afghanis who at various times controlled huge swathes of their continent, could never eject the Moslem cult. The society was too poor, backwards and deficient to do so.

The BAPs and the glorious Hindu temples throughout North America, which are full of propaganda, highlight the poverty of multi-culturalism. They impose themselves on us, and our culture which is built on at least 2000 years of civilization emanating from the centers of Europe, Byzantium and Jerusalem. The BAPS temples are mendacious. They lie. They distort. And yet most of the viewers in these temples probably believe what is written on their walls. Everything from math, morality, and technology all emanated from Hinduism. It is a crock.

And why should we tolerate it? Do the multi-cults think this is clever? Do the Hindus really believe that a pagan theology with hundreds of gods and very little real innovation over 5000 years is superior to Western society? If they do why are they in North America? Why don't they spend their money and their energy rescuing the 500 million Indians who are living on the brink of starvation? Why don't they liberate their corrupt state and its fetid politics, or spend their time rolling back Muslim demands in India? Why are they here preaching that Hindu theology is so wonderful? None of us should believe it.




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