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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Slavery and the White Man

Not that Black and White.

by StFerdIII

Race divides all. It also informs all – at least all political and social discourse. Racial tension is always portrayed, without exception as one way. Whitey is the racist supremacist. If only Whitey would embrace multi-racialism, multi-culturalism, multi-skinism, then he too could end up as enlightened and as esteemed as say your average anti-semitic, kaffir-hating Muslim, or your average member of your average all-Black church. Muslims and Blacks are wrongly portrary as pro-multi everything. This is ridiculous. Slavery and racism is not black and white.

Blacks still own Black slaves. Last time we checked, slavery was outlawed in all Western, White-developed states. Muslims still engage in slave trading and still sell young girls for cash to second cousins – even in North American cities. Last time we checked Britain outlawed slaving 201 years ago followed by the US and then laggardly, other White-European powers. Not so Islam and parts of Africa and Brazil.

Apparently a lot of Muslims still subscribe to the Koranic notion that slavery is a part of Islamic culture. No one is sure what the excuse is for Blacks and Brazilians. One supposes the mainstream media has just missed this on account of being so busy reporting on Guantanmo Bay outrages and abuses. But no worries we all know that deep, deep down, Whitey is pining away to once again become a landed estate owner and a gentleman farmer, living high off the sweat of his Black slaves. Thank God for the multi-cult club which saves us from that debasement. Think of Andrew Jackson married with Bill Gates, constrained by the image of Princess Diana [she of the Arab fetish].

Or maybe not.

Not that anyone bothers to read anymore, but if one was curious enough and wanted to know about White-slave holding practices there are quite a few good source books around. Not including of course Hussein Obama's [oh he is so charismatic!] account of massive racism in Hawaii, Columbia and within the zealous bigotry of left-wing law firms. According to Kid Dynomite from Good Times [aka the new Democratic Party], Whites spend a disproportionate amount of time spray painting anti-Black slogans with the nasty n-word on walls and blogs.

In the real world and in the real historical record, few Whites are, or were racists. The KKK – a support group for the 19th century Democratic party – was a small collection of White supremacist idiots and criminals. It was and is however, smaller than today's Black equivalent in the Black Muslim group the Nation of Islam, or in the Black Panthers and other assorted far-looney left organisations dedicated to eradicating Whites and Jews. The KKK were cracker losers, racist to the core and mentally unfit to tie their own shoes. But they are financial and media midgets when compared to the Nation of Islam and some other quite nasty and openly racist Black groups – notwithstanding or including perhaps, Hussein Obama's all-Black church [which supports the Nation of Islam].

Slavery in the US was of course an abomination [not an Obama-nation]. Two million Blacks found their way into the US agro-slave estate market, whilst almost 5 million went to Brazil and another 3 million to the Caribbean. The trans-atlantic slave trade was anything but a White-American only crime. I don't recall too many people getting exercised and spitting with rage at the racist Brazilian slave trade or that of the French West Indies, or the Hispanic islands. Nope. Just sputtering contempt and bulging eye hatred of the American White and his supposed addiction to slavery.

For the historical record, White ownership of Black slaves in the US was rare. In 1860 at the height of US slavery, there were less than 400,000 White citizens and a few thousand Black free-men who owned Black slaves. The White population of both North and South was 27 million, so slave ownership accounted for about 1.4% of the White population. Slave ownership was zero in the states that did not allow slavery covering almost 19 million Whites. Only 8 million Whites lived in the South meaning that in the South only 5 % or less of Whites owned one or more Black slaves. While deplorable and largely tolerated, slavery was confined to large plantations and agro-estates. It was of course the basis for the relatively poorer, and less advanced Southern economy. Damn numbers are so boring and so factual aren't they?

Also for the historical record is this interesting fact. By 1830 about 25% of free Negro males in South Carolina owned 10 or more slaves. That is 5 x – yes FIVE times – the rate of White slave ownership of Blacks. Interesting isn't it. But never commented upon.

White moral opposition to the practice, which had been festering and erupting for decades long before 1860, forced both a political and a military solution – in the Western states. Britain outlawed the sea trade and trafficking of Black slaves, albeit imperfectly, but at great cost and with no tangible economic benefit. The British spent billions of pounds and lost 5.000 men in their 19th century struggle to eradicate the slave trade. Other nations followed suit – all of them White states.

Opposition to slavery was never strong in Africa itself. The only thing which crushed slavery in Africa was White imperialism. As soon as African states become independent, slavery returned. It still exists in many parts of the continent today. This is also true of many Islamic states and Brazil. And just to belabor the obvious, no other state lost 500.000 White men in a civil war fought largely over slavery and the ending of this grotesuqe institution. None. In fact the US has been the only nation in history to go to war to end the enslavement of other humans. But don't worry, that is a small historical detail, which we can glibly gloss over, whilst criticising Bushitler or Jewish complexes built on 3.000 year old former Jewish property, now rendered as little more than bird-shit covered hillsides, in the bizarrely named 'occupied' West Bank.

Another obvious fact also bears repeating. The African slave trade during the 19th century was brokered and handled by Blacks and Arabs. Though the trans-atlantic trade was run by Western Europeans, it was conducted with the full cooperation of many African kings. This abominal trade was harshly criticised in both the US and in Britain by mostly Christian-moralist groups. No other states can claim the same – certainly not the African or the Arab.

Though it is convenient and politically-correct, as well as stupid, to view slavery as a White-only crime, the actual history of slavery is not Black and White but decidedly mixed and decidedly negative on all races concerned. Blacks and Arabs should own up to their historical and continuing role in this debasing and dehumanizing practice. As Dinesh D'Souza wrote, "What is uniquely Western is not slavery but the movement to abolish slavery". A truism which has long been forgotten.

Number of Black Slaves sent to the Americas/Europe, by country:

Brazil: 4,000,000 35.4%
Spanish Empire: 2,500,000 22.1%
British West Indies: 2,000,000 17.7%
French West Indies: 1,600,00 14.1%
British North America: 500,000 4.4%
Dutch West Indies: 500,000 4.4%
Danish West Indies: 28,000 0.2%
Europe: 200,000 1.8%

Total 1500-1900: 11,328,000 100.0%
Source: "The Slave Trade", Hugh Thomas, 1997

Shipping country of origin:

Portugal/Brazil: 4,650,000
Spain: 1,600,000
France: 1,250,000
Holland: 500,000
Britain: 2,600,000
U.S.A.: 300,000
Denmark: 50,000
Others: 50,000
Total: 11,000,000

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