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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Slavery - setting the record straight.

Should Whites demand reparations?

by StFerdIII

For Blacks in North America there is one default response for any and all matters regarding crime; under-achievement; or family breakdowns – slavery. Race baiting politicians use the Black’s trump card – slavery – to excuse all manners of failure and lack of achievement; to justify high crime rates, or to push ahead government affirmative action programs. The White man’s enslavement of Blacks has riven the North American mind with grave consequences that exist today and will still exist in 100 years. The slavery issue is however more complicated then it is portrayed by the media or educational elite and it would surprise some to know that historically 2 times more Whites were enslaved by Arabs and Blacks, then Blacks enslaved by Whites. Should Whites now demand ‘reparations’?

Slavery was the de-facto organizing principle for agricultural economies which started to appear about 15.000 years ago in the Near East and Europe. It was recognized that an economy could not long survive without the cheap and abundant human capital needed to produce various agro-products or mined substances for trade. For millennia throughout the entire world, slaves taken from plundering expeditions, war or through the tax-system, dominated the primary agricultural economy, mining and domestic service markets. There were no exceptions to this development anywhere across the globe. The only variation across the globe was who was taken as a slave, and what they built, mined or farmed.

In the modern period Christian disavowal of slavery led to a veritable revolution of the mind. When the Spaniards conquered Mexico and Central America Jesuit and Catholic priests were at the forefront of what we today would call ‘human-rights’. In fact it was the Catholic priests who demanded that the Native Indians be recognized as the legal owners of the ‘New World’s land and demanded that they be treated with Christian kindness under European law. Their defense of the Native Indians flowed from ‘natural law’ whereby humans are naturally endowed by the creator to have rights of freedom, peace and private property.

Morality and natural law rights were the driving forces behind the eventually abolition of the cross-Atlantic slave trade. In 1807 the British outlawed slavery and slave trading. Under siege from Christian groups who demanded that slavery contravened the basic principles of the gospel, the British not only outlawed its practice but spent 40 years, billions of dollars, with the loss of 4.000 sailors, patrolling the seven seas and forcing nations and ports to shut down slave trading. Followed by the US, the French and the Dutch, the Western world became the only civilization in history to outlaw the odiousness of slavery. An American civil war with 500.000 dead white soldiers and the destruction of a racist, pre-modern and uneducated southern society confirmed the message that 1807 sent – slavery had to be eliminated.

Lost in the story of slavery is how the White world demanded its abolition. Lost as well is the story of 30 million European whites sold into slavery into North Africa and various Arab or Muslim empires. This is more than double the number of Black slaves sent across Atlantic slave to the New World – purchased by Whites via Black and Arab middlemen. As well scholars estimate that about 15-20 million Blacks were sold to Arabs and Muslims during the past millennia – again through Black or Muslim middle men. The White Man’s role in slavery while loathsome and uncompromisingly immoral, was at least matched if not superseded by the roles of Blacks and Muslims in the sale of Black human beings into bondage.

The great masters of the slave trade were of course the Arabs and Muslims. ‘Kaffir’ in Arabic is now used for all non-Muslims, but in the early days of Islamic conquests in Africa, it referred to Blacks, long viewed by Arabs as inferiors. Kaffir slaves were a source of great wealth for the Muslims and Arabs. After the death of the psychopathic Mohammed – leader of the pagan Arabian moon cult named ‘Islam' - Muslim writings became imbued with violent anti-Black sentiment. In order to supply labor for building projects; irrigation and canal development, salt, gold and silver mining, and to provide concubines and domestic servants inside the Islamic empires, the Arabs developed a highly sophisticated and rapacious slave trading business. Between 700 AD to the present day about 15-20 million Blacks were shipped into the Arabian empires as human chattel. This exceeds the number of Blacks shipped to the New World. [see The Black Holocaust for Beginners by SE Anderson, A Pictorial History of the Slave Trade, Slave Trade of Eastern Africa by Beachy, Slavery in the Arab World by Gordon Murray and Africa in History by Basil Davidson]

Arabs and Muslims however did not stop with the enslavement of Blacks of course. Their lust for human chattel extended to Europe. From 700 AD to the 19th century, Islamic and Arab armies, traders, merchants, and slave owners harvested 20-30 million European Whites into bondage. Prime hunting territory was in the Balkans, the Ukraine, the Black Sea lands and the Caucasus. Islamic expansion was motivated as much by gold, slaves, and beautiful women as it was by the ideological fervor of the Koran. Without these slaves and their productivity in various sectors the Islamic empires would have collapsed long before the 17th century.

Consider some other random facts. In 1800 in the US less than 2 % of whites owned slaves. Jefferson and Washington – both slave owners – broke Virginia laws by setting as many of their slaves free as possible. In 1830 about 25% of the free Negro slave masters in South Carolina owned 10 or more slaves: which is a much higher percentage [ten times more] than the number of white slave owners. Southern US society premised on slavery was poorer, had no capital accumulation, was deficient in innovation and creation, and was largely illiterate thanks largely due to the institution of slavery. Destroying this rancid society in a long and incredibly vicious civil war was one of the most important turning points in modern history – achieved by a White Northern US population and abetted by Christian anti-slavery activists.

In the modern period we can see then that slavery is not a ‘Black and White’ issue. The immorality of slavery and the destruction of moral and natural law is obvious. As many Whites as Blacks were victims of history’s greatest pathology and it was only the White civilization that destroyed slavery. For the record slavery still exists today – in Islamic countries; in Brazil; in China; in West Africa and in other locales that ignore Western traditions and culture.

Such are the facts of slavery. Will the wailing Marxists and race-baiters protest the continuation in large parts of the world of history’s oldest pathology? Will Blacks and Muslims admit their guilt in the role of slave trading? Will Blacks and Muslims apologize to the 30 million White ‘victims’ taken in slave raids into North African and the Islamic world?

Of course not. As sick as slavery is and was, it is just as ignorant to disregard the reality and history of an immoral institution. It is far simpler and more emotionally satisfying to just blame ‘Whitey’.

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