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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Multi-culturalism and Tribal schools

Coming soon near you – a 'yellow-brown' racial public school!

by StFerdIII

Little multi-cult minds, busy at work. What the white-racists, the supremacists and the paternalists failed to permanently establish – school segregation by race – the small, narrow, twisted caves of the multi-cult complex, have managed to achieve. In many cities across North America and beyond, there is a shrill anti-white, anti-modern call for black public schools, funded in large part by white taxpayers. But hey, why stop there? Why not divide up schools by hue of skin pigment along tribal lines as well?

Setting up black-only schools, or any school based on race or melanin pigmentation is a outward sign of a rampant society-wide disease. An education is de-facto race and color blind. Facts are facts. The argument that Blacks need and covet a Black-centric educational curriculum is both racist and fatuous. It leads very quickly to racist intolerance, tension and societal wide discord.

It is racist if Blacks themselves truly believe that a Black-only education is mandatory, or a 'human right' [God not another one]. It is racist, fatuous and dangerous if and when the Black-only school descends into anti-White jingoism, false curricula based on historical rewriting, and illiteracy when the basics of cultural and societal success such as math, science, rationality, morals and accepted behaviors are substituted with focii on Black-ness and by extension Black superiority. It is dangerous when the tenets of the modern world, and of historical progress are sacrificed to Black-myths, victimology and contempt for the wider society.

Race based schooling is an appalling act of divisiveness and self-hatred.

Not to mention the many objections both practical and philosophical, as well as the coercive aspects of yet another state-created disaster.

-What happens if a Black student does not wish to go to an all Black-school?
-Will the teachers be Black-only? If so how is this not reverse racism?
-Who will approve the curriculum and monitor it for racist tendencies?
-What if a child has a white mother and a Black father or vice-versa? Is he Black or contaminated chocolate milk?

Where will the text books come from? If you are going to rewrite African history to state that Africa invented everything from math to science, where do you get the source material to make up the curricula and provide the learning texts?

If cultural studies are going to focus on white-racism and the oppressive state of the white man's world, how are you going to explain Black enslavement of other Blacks, Black slave-trading of whites in North Africa, or the various genocides past and present where Blacks rather gleefully have executed millions of other Blacks?

If Black power is going to be taught, how does that square with the multi-cultural code that all races and cultures are equal? If Black schools are going to build up a Black 'culture' which apparently is one of the driving forces of school segegration, how do you explain the poverty of Africa, the high crime rate amongst Blacks [with most murders taking the lives of other Blacks] or the positive positions of power enjoyed by Tiger Woods, Bill Cosby, Oprah Winfrey or Kid Dynomite Hussein Obama?

In other words how does Black-centricity in math, science, morality, culture, technology, economics or philosophy reflect reality?

According to Idi Amin and other Black racists including Louis Farrakhan of the Black Muslim 'Nation of Islam', the Africans originally built civilisation and discovered everything including math, philosophy and democracy. This is of course a nonsense. Some Blacks reference the Egyptians for instance, who used reasonably advance geometry to build the pyramids and had advanced engineering techniques, as evidence of Black greatness. The problem for Blacks is that the Egyptians are a distinct race and subsect of Caucasoids. Blacks are a Negroid race. The Egyptians are Hamitic – meaning non-Negroid and closely related to Near Eastern tribes ie. non-Black tribes. Equating Egyptians with Blacks is like equating Mongolians with Iranians. Yet this type of ignorance would no doubt permeate 'Black studies' further devaluing a race-centred education.

How will Black leaders rewrite Pythagorean calculus to show Blackness? Pray tell.

How will you divide up Blacks between tribes and continents? Will 'African' Blacks be taught the same curricula as Jamaicans or West Indian Blacks? Will there be a DNA and blood test to prove which Black tribe and area of the world your forbears came from? What if you are Black but tainted with white [ie slave owning] blood? How are you to be classified or managed? Are you the same as a 'pure' Black or inferior? Rather confusing. Pray tell.

How about this problem? What will Black schools teach to Black Muslims? According to Islamists and those happy Muslims, the Arabs and by extension Mohemmadans discovered everything from ice cream to manned flight. This poses an interesting dilemna. Which supremacist-historical rewriting will win out? The Black one or the Muslim one, or will they be mixed together somehow? Pray tell.

Or how about this conundrum? The West has given Black Africa $2 trillion in foreign aid, yet there is no development worth mentioning in Africa. How does that fit in with the victimology complex? Not sure myself. Please elaborate.

Will there be discussions on the poverty of African history south of the Sahara where the stone age reigned until recently; or the modern mutilation of women and children; of children used in warfare; or of the rape, murder and machete cutting genocides which populate large tracts of Africa? Or even of modern slave trading and the Darfurian genocide?

Likely not.

But why stop at Black schools? Come on. All sorts of schools should be set up...yellow schools; brown schools; brown-yellow mixed schools; white-yellow mixed schools; white-black mixed schools and schools for people who are short and slightly-darkly tanned; not to mention schools for those who want to be Black but lack the appropriate level of melanin. Many ways to carve up the various sub groups of color and color wannabees.

Why not a publicly funded school for every tribe and color pigment? The ultimate multi-cult orgasmic fantasy is it not? The curricula can all be the same we have a lot of it already pre-made: hate whitey; piss and moan about the modern world; marxism; feminism; globaloneywarming; learn Urdu; pray to the moon cult; learn how to cook; and dabble in victimology and human-rights philosophy.

Simple. If you want raging illogical multi-cult brainwashing, there are really no limits to what can be done. Especially if the white-man can pay for it. After all he is guilty.

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