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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Yes it is true – the Dutch really do have a 'Cartoon Police' Department.

Dutch cartoonist arrested for of course - insulting Islam. How pathetic.

by StFerdIII

Hate yourself and your culture enough and yes you too would opine that an office dedicated to cartoon management is a necessity. Nothing else do do ? Heck, go and keep a close eye on those radical cartoonists. Who knows they might actually gasp! draw something extremely controversial which will upset the moderate, peaceful, smiling, loving and modern Muslim mass ! Oh no. Please cartoonists, don't mock Islam or Muslims – they and their ideology are all that we have between us and complete barbarism ! No satire or criticism is allowed ! Save Islam – ban cartoons !

Here is the cartoonist imbroglio – which only a multi-cult loving Dutch European could possibly support:

“In typical and reliably old fashioned ways, left extremists do not shun censorship, because a Socialist or Multicultural Utopia does not create itself. It is therefore no surprise that the ultra-left wing non-governmental private organization Dutch Complaints Bureau for Discrimination on the Internet (MDI) cooperated with an orthodox imam to nail Gregorius Nekschot. The pathological need for a romantic ideal, with Muslims and colored people in the role of noble savages, is hence yet another possible motive to silence the anti-romantic cartoonist called Nekschot.

Danish meat and dairy export suffered from boycotts after the publication of the – by now well-known – Danish cartoons. In the Netherlands, fear of decreasing exports of deserts, chocolate milk and sausages to the Middle East, led to the creation of a secret Interdepartmental Cartoon Problem Bureau. This secret Bureau, perhaps the most laughable institution in Dutch history, appears to have come to the conclusion that cartoonist Gregorius, on his own, presented a much larger threat to Dutch export than all Danish cartoonists put together did for Danish export. Thus, economic considerations may have been a motive: prevent export losses by silencing Nekschot.”

So a Dutch cartoonist [pictured below at his hearing wearing a niqab or full body Muslim covering – which in itself denotes the degradation and non-human representation of females within Islam], is going to be bankrupted because political morons want to limit export damage and buy Muslim votes ? So free speech, and defending European culture and civilisation is to be sacrificed for a few jobs at Unilever and the inner city votes of some disaffected Muslims in Rotting-Dam and Amster-desh ? How pathetic the Dutch and Europeans have become.

And the cartoonist bureau is just one part of the multi-cult madness of Holland and Europe. The Dutch and Euro elite are trying to silence the most outspoken and outstanding critic of Islam within Europe, the Dutch politician Geert Wilders. His crime was telling the world he is sick of the multi-cult nonsense and of Islamic ideology. No need to criticise the world-view named 'Submission', or so the little fascist minds of the multi-cult state proclaim. White people bad. All others good. Ergo, Islam good, critics fascist. Simpleton calculus by mindless union workers and politicians.

And now this: the Dutch government is now going to have a review of its role in the Iraq war and will no doubt find that it was a 'criminal enterprise'. Let's see Dutchies. Hussein's rule – 1 million dead civilians; 3 regional wars; funding of terror; $1 billion in UN corruption; and 5.000 babies dead or close thereto each month according to Unicef. Today – more elections in the past 5 years than occurred in Europe during the same period; 20 million free people building a new country; investment, markets, free speech, and 5.000 babies not dying each month, along with no regional wars and a stalwart ally in the war against Islamic fascism. Well that balance sheet makes it obvious which era is better - the Dutch and the Euro-fembot elite will decide that pre 2003 was the right state of affairs and the Iraq war was illegal [roll the Michael Moore film showing Iraqis under Hussein flying kites here].

There is no end to European collective stupidity. Yes the superior people, cultured, well dressed, so well educated, kind, caring, the creators of Marxism, Hitlerism, Communism...and other communal miseries, must now set up government unionized bureaucracies to crush those infernal pests – the cartoonist, the politician who questions a set of political beliefs named 'Submission', the basement blogger who is hauled before Dutch Rights Commissions on his 'racist' blogging and postings. Who next ? Comics making offhand remarks about Islam ? Barbers telling off color Muslim jokes ? Teachers who might question the multi-cult piety and fantasy passing as fact in the classroom ?

The multi-cult project is inherently fascistic in the true definition of the word. Shut down free speech. No debate. Act Now! Like the globaloney warming morons who are busy about nothing. Obey, don't think. Reject real history. Substitute fantasy. Hate whites and Jews. Don't argue with facts, just demonise and scream insults. Then use the power of the state to crush whomever you don't like.

Yes that is the European nirvana alright. It has a lot in common with past European social-communal projects – like Nazism and Communism. No wonder the Euros and their elite are so enthralled by Islam. They share much in common.

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