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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

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Friday, August 5, 2005

Western history and why Multiculturalism is a failure

Cultures are not relative, and neither is the history of failure

by StFerdIII

The West is deeply infected with the disease of moral ambiguity and a self loathing of its history, its success and its greatness. Indeed the West has reached a critical point in history. Empires, states, and organizations collapse when morality is absent and when there is no overriding belief system. If you believe that your culture is no different or inferior to other cultures then effectively you have no organizing principle worth defending. Both morality and philosophy must be in existence for a society or even a person for that matter, to blossom and survive. Without moral authority a society will collapse, even the most absurd police state eventually will fail, as history clearly shows. If there is no guiding, resolute philosophy then there is no texture or meaning to living and society collapses from within.

Western society has developed the most potent moral-philosophical concepts in history. These organizing principles come from three primary but certainly not exclusive sources. First there is the Judeo-Christian theology in which individuality, compassion, charity for the poor and weak, along with private property ownership, along with the ability to give to God what is God’s, and to Caesar what is Caesar’s, are doctrines that compel the development of a strong character and individual responsibility. Second we have the Greco-Roman heritage of inquiry, legal and representative democracy, in which trade and commerce are combined with advancements in the arts, sciences, and architecture. Innovation in political and cultural developments is married to a healthy skepticism of authority and power and the establishment of basic citizen rights and attitudes. Lastly there are the Enlightenment ideals expressed in scientific and political rationality which take the Judeo-Christian and Romano-Greco concepts and extend them to create the modern world.

The Enlightenment extension of past Western development is the crucial construct of the wealthy modern nation state. The division of government powers, the separation of the state from the church, transparency and fairness in legal codification and implementation, as well as the creation of a rational market economy premised upon national units, in which personal contracts, cemented by both character and law, inform the development of the modern nation state, is a an incredibly important Western invention that leads to our modern world. Our current reality is thus an illustration of our past and is emblematic of our glorious innovations in all areas of the mind and spirit. This rare historical development and set of Western experiences were spread around the world by the
British empire, the most significant and far reaching exportation of Western and moral-modern ideals in history. Indeed the exportation of Westernism through the British, is the most important civilizing development in history.

Given the greatness of Western culture, history and development, a rational human would assume that the above ideals would be worth defending. Moral principles, including real spiritual virtues are mandatory for a society to organize relationships amongst egotistical and distracted humans. Morality needs however a guiding philosophy of political-intellectual-economic organization that is coherent and shared. If such a philosophy does not exist, the state or empire in question loses energy, direction and eventually fails, since there is nothing worth defending. The West has the most impressive moral-philosophical combination in history, yet it seems hell bent on its repudiation in an immature rush to post modern relativity, manifested in failed multiculturalism.

Multiculturalism has always been a part of utopian ideologies, which are largely fascist or socialist in character. On the one hand all utopian ideals have a certain appeal. Let’s destroy the modern real world and erect a paradise of complete fairness, total security, extreme equality and communal love. Such concepts were created in the modern world from the carnage of destructive world wars from which there arose logically enough, a desire for peace, tolerance, and a rejection of ultra-nationalism, and cultural racism. It was in essence a yearning for 19th century romanticism, Marxism and nihilism. In post World War II, such ideals were deemed necessary as intellectual obstacles to the rediscovery of national fascism embedded in Hitlerian, Stalinist, Francoist, or Marxist-Leninist experiments in brutality. From such attitudes the idea of post-modernism or a new society premised on communal tolerance and collaboration, with international dialogue to defuse inter-nation conflicts arose.

The poverty in such a utopian program is obvious. The post modern utopian ideal might at first blush seem a little compelling but it is based on two non-democratic ideals. Post modern fantasy mandates that first, supranational authorities should regulate the nation state, and second, there should be the development of a grey, colorless, tasteless, uber-tolerant society of many cultures. Neither construct makes any sense and both are immoral. Governance must be local and transparent and limited. Otherwise corruption and despotism flourish. Western culture and tradition are superior moral-political constructs that need to be supported not destroyed. Such statements really annoy the left liberal media and political elite which are infected with the diseased nonsense of multiculturalism.

Multiculturalism is a failure, because it creates a political culture that rejects the modern world. It rejects the notion that the modern world – the richest, freest, most technologically advanced in history – is worthwhile. Apologists for various races and ethnicities blame the West for assorted crimes. Sure the West has been privy to actions that were degenerate, racist and wrong. But so has every other culture and state. There is not one culture or state in history that has not committed inter or intra-racial aggression. But the West has created the modern moral framework that informs civilized development. Private property and representative government –preconditions for freedom- are Western. Slavery was ended in the West but still exists today in
Islam, Brazil, West Africa, and other non-Western locales. Female rights and human rights are both Western inventions now used by non-Western nations to condemn their inventors. The first hospitals were Western [Christian] inventions. The modern Welfare state and concern for the poor and weak is a Western invention. Indeed the entire ethos of a civilized respectful and caring society is a Western creation. How absurd then to destroy the very fabric of moral and philosophical righteousness.

There are no superior or equivalent cultures to the Western tradition. The West is superior due to its organizational principles. It is not superior due to luck, to the existence of more guns, less germs and more steel. It is not superior due to exploitation, imperialism or slavery, though such expressions of Western aggression and growth are surely indicators of the strength and power of its civilization.
Africa, Asia, South America and indigenous cultures throughout history have produced nothing comparable now or in times past to rival the modern Western political-economic empire. Compared to the West on any level these societies are failures. If you disagree trade in Carmen California, or Cologne Germany for Indonesia, North Korea, Zimbabwe, Bolivia, or even Brazil, Russia, China or Saudi Arabia. There is a good reason why immigration flows are all one way – from failed societies to the West.

So then what do politicians and crying media elitists in the West force us to do? Declining birth rates and socialist fantasy induce us to import non-Western cultures into our midst and we tell ourselves that they are as noble and effective as our own. No evidence supports this supposition. The creation of unassimilated ethnic enclaves leads inevitably to the dissolution of the original society. It leads to a grey mass of nothingness in which state owned TV or socialist health care are created and eulogized as institutions that are equated with the national identity. The absurdity of such claims should be apparent. Government run programs are not a society nor are they a culture’s identity. Moral and philosophical ideals are your identity. If government programs and socialization are your values, then you have in effect repudiated Western history and culture.

There is nothing in the historical dynamism of the West that allows for socialism, relativity or multi-cultural lies. In fact the entire history of Western success is a repudiation of such nonsense. By following multiculturalism to its logical conclusion you will end up with a modern version of the old Stalinist state in which different cultures and ethnicities are held together in bondage and in fear by government and by mafia corruption. Stalin’s gang was expert at using multiculturalism to wield control and divide society. Perhaps the current division of powers in the West will prevent such an outcome, but perhaps not. As government takes more GDP and citizens demand more rights, monies and programs, and the media cries ever louder for more sensitivity and understanding, who knows what can happen as the grey nothingness of multi-cultural enclaves starts to tear down Western society.

The illogic of multiculturalism is manifested in Islamic immigration. Islamicists – whether moderate or extreme – all want a society or umma of equality. The umma is universal, it does not obey nor discern state boundaries. Islam at its core is theocratic fascism, where obeying the rules, dogma’s and implementing Quranic-Sharia ideals take precedence over the formation of a modern world political economy. In fact Islam is hostile to any modern development or culture. Islam must assimilate into the West, but the Quran-Sharia articles which drive all Islamic belief and development certainly prevent this. So now we in the West have created Muslim ghetto’s divorced from mainstream modern life, in which the Quran and anti-Western concepts are taught and accepted. And then like the British or Spanish we are surprised when the hatred of Islam explodes into violence and we then seek to blame ourselves, or Western imperialism, or Western historical criminality, or we argue that most of Islam is peaceful, loving and caring. All of this and more is untrue.

Domestic Islamic terror is not a surprise but a logical outcome of the illogical and self-hating philosophy of multiculturalism. If you truly want to save the world and improve life, then defend the Western historical ideal. If you don’t defend our way of life and our history, then don’t be surprised if it disappears. ©

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