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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

Tempus Fugit Memento Mori - Time Flies Remember Death 

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Fool and Islam.

The Most Important Man in History [MIMH] and his Islamic delusions.

by StFerdIII

What a fool. The MIMH is not very smart. Any analysis of what he says, does and how he thinks proves that. So too does his stance in regards to Islamic pagan Fascism. An Arab moon cult of Mecca accorded the status of a 'religion'. Insane. An ideology with 1400 years of war, extermination, racism, supremacism and universal will to power – all to its immoral credit. And yet the platitudes from the MIMH abound when the silly little man discusses Islam. His new twist post Ft Hood, is that 'a religion has been perverted...' After the Ft Hood massacre even the smallness of the MIMH's mind should grasp the black and white fact that Islam is not a religion and its Fascist paganism has always been an extreme perversion of ideological madness. Ft Hood will not be the last terror attack on the US during the Prophet's Kingly rule.

People might remember that the MIMH, the great fool, groveled in Cairo to the Muslim mass intoning via his telemprompter speech written by someone else, that Islam was: essential in America's development; a great force for civilisation; the equal of Western Christendom; a long-time partner of America; and a religion of hope and life for 1.6 billion people. All of it is false of course. Yet the mainstream media ejaculated in great admiration that the MIMH's speech was a grand display and nuanced strategy and would reorder relations between Islam and the 'West'. Husain Obama's speech was heralded as 'complex', 'informed', and 'would certainly improve' American-Muslim relations.

Of course his genuflection to the pagan moon cult of Mecca, was none of these things. It was dumb, it was illiterate and it was moral relativity in its most inglorious display. So what good came of the MIMH's sublime groveling ?

Ft Hood ?

Iran possessing a nuclear weapon ?

Arabs still screaming for Jewish blood ?

Muslims still blowing up cars in Iraq ?

Arabs still hunting Black Christians in the Sudan ?

Female genital mutilation still raging in West Africa along with slave trading ?

Can Jews and Christians now worship in Muslim states ?

Will Muslims help rebuild in time, money, men and military aid, the disaster of Afcrapistan ?

Won't 'moderate' Muslims help in Iraq and Afcrapistan as they repudiate the 'extremism' of one part of Islamic theology ?

Oh well you mean nothing has changed – just that the Jihad is now coming home to roost in America?

So much for the benefices of groveling.

Leftard Liberalism and the moral relativity cult ensuring that Islam's 5th column is burgeoning. And when Muslims kill, blow up, engage in war or violence, we are told that we can never 'blame Islam'. After all G.W. Bush invaded Iraq in 2003. Obviously Mohammed the Arab Fascist knew this would happen [he was a prophet after all], and started the organized murder of Jews and Christians in 620 AD. The classical case of pre-emptive action one would assume and one which would be sanctioned no doubt, by the UN as a moral example of Arabs 'defending themselves' against Jewish-American oppression.

The abject misery of the MIMH's Cairo speech prompted this when I analyzed what he actually said to the Muslims listening to his drivel:

Moral relativism always fails. The world is black and white – not grey. Can one imagine Reagan, trying to appease Western academics and media airheads standing in Berlin in 1987 and saying, “Mr. Gorbachev, I congratulate you on this wall. It represents the greatness of Russian imperialism and the world is in debt to Russian genius which did so much to create the modern world. American is wrong to call your empire evil. The Russian imperial system is just as honorable as anything America has created. In fact one could say that America has a lot to learn from Russian fascism. There is much that unites our two ideologies and many similarities in outlook we can share and develop. Mr Gorbachev, please build your wall higher.

Moral immaturity finds its expression in creeds such as politically-correct fascism; multi-culturalism; or support of various cults such as Globaloney Warming or Islam. What is dangerous about moral relativism is that it de-energizes a society from defending itself, or even caring about civilized progress. If Arabs and Muslims are at least as good as those living in Israel why bother to defend Jews or Christians, or Americans or Europeans from Islamic predations ?

Why indeed bother to fight Islam ? If the MIMH believes that Islam is a sagacious force for the civilized good why not embrace it ? If killing 16 year old girls in their thousands because they 'dissed their parents', represents higher culture, than why indeed reject Islam ? If blowing up babies in cars in an Iraqi city to protest the removal of a mad Arab dictator is an illumination of cultural progress, than why not embrace the Islamic cult ? If progress is measured in the dead, the beheaded, the destroyed, the inarticulate and the racist expressions of the mad ravings in the Koran, why indeed even criticize the cult in question ?

Even Newsweek the weekly Bible of Obama-love is starting to clue in that the MIMH's Arab-Muslim groveling tour is a tad dumb:

“With the massacre in Texas, Obama now confronts something that Bush did not face in the years after Sept. 11—not just a major act of domestic terrorism but one struck from inside our security apparatus. Fort Hood does much more serious damage to Obama's premise that greater friendliness toward Islam is a viable strategy for countering the Islamist threat. If the warning signs flashing from Nidal Hasan were ignored, the desire to avoid appearing prejudiced or unfair to Muslims may have been partly to blame. And this points to Obama's Muslim disadvantage. Almost immediately after the shooting, he began facing renewed accusations that he didn't take the radical Islamist threat to American security—at home or in Afghanistan—seriously enough.”

The entire culture including the attitude of the MIMH is to blame for Ft Hood. Cultural Marxism is a moral, political and social disaster. If you can't name your enemy you can't win the war.

One reason why Bush did not face an Islamic terror attack after 9-11 because he and his administration took the threat of Fascist Islam seriously. It is all well and good for Liberal do-gooders and preening Marxists to sit on their lumpy rears and philosophize about Islam's beneficial impact on world development, even as reality and facts confirm the opposite. One supposes that if they or people they knew were being butchered by the Arab cult, they might change their views. Or maybe not. The perversity of being morally relative and intellectually stunted is that reality is unimportant. The more people Muslim's kill, the greater the hue and cry that they are peaceful. I can well imagine a Liberal dunce like Hillary Clinton, or Oprah Winfrey, or Dr. Fake Phil, apologizing to Muslims after they murdered their family members in a terrorist act – and meaning it.

Who said society was getting smarter in an age of technology ? The opposite is most likely true. The average person, unable to see reality, is getting a lot dumber. When the MIMH and the President of the USA is a cultural Marxist, unable to think, talk or act rationally, and who constantly grovels to Islam, who can blame the average unwashed peasant for their confusion ?




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