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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

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Friday, October 26, 2007

Sign of the times – shutting down debate

Islamo-Fascism awareness week.

by StFerdIII

One sure sign of a troubling time and of a Fascist movement is the closing off of debate. No debate, no ideas, and no dissent equals full cooperation or at least apathetic neglect. Global warming? Science is closed. Jews are to blame for the plight of the Arabs? Obviously. Christians are the real fascists? Certainly, just go to the local book store and see for yourself. Capitalism is immoral? A fact. Just read Dickens, Marx, Che, and Chomsky for more info. So it is no wonder that the Marxist Left wants to close down any debate about Islam – its reality; its objectives and its inherent fascism. Fascist rejection of debate is running rampant in media, educational and political circles – just like the cultural Marxist warriors of the Cold War predicted it would.

Protecting Islam from investigation is not only irrational and insipid, it is immoral. If Islam is a peaceful religion, then open up the entire Islamic complex to observation. Everything in Islam, from its founder, to its imperialist history, to its main book, to its past and current leadership and structure, should held under the glaring lights of rational inquiry. If the thesis is that Islam is a religion – then let's prove or disprove the thesis. If the sub-thesis is that Islam is peaceful and female mutilation; stonings; apartheid; racism; supremacism; war-mongering; slave-trading; and intolerance is not a part of Islam, then let's prove it by concrete examples, and rational analysis.

Inquiry and objective truth-seeking can only come through open debate.

Therein lies the problem for the Islamic fascists and chattering Marxists. It is always easier to shout down someone than debate. Most of those who defend Islam are grossly ignorant about anything to do with Islam. They have no conception of Islamic theory, jurisprudence, history, its clerical and ideological elite; nor about its alliances with Nazism, Communism and Marxism. They shut down debate from ignorance, not from knowledge.

Historical facts and ideological reality are not important for those who defend Islam. Islamo-fascism is real. The Hollywood portrayal of peaceful, wonderful, earnest Arabs and Muslims, engaged in the peaceable discovery of the modern world, and the improvement of society, is in short a crock. Islam was spread by war – Christianity was not. When Christ died, maybe 30 disciples existed. Through the conversion of women, lower born, aristocratic elements, and finally Kings and Emperors, great swathes of Europe and North Africa and the East Mediterranean became Christian. Islam on the other hand was spread by the sword and converts were accrued who feared death, over taxation or a complete loss of rights.

The Bible and Koran are opposites. What Mohammed did was to take the existing Arabian moon cult, which prayed to a black asteroid rock called the Kabbah, and fasten onto it monotheistic ideals. Thus could he claim that Islam was the last in the line of 'God's' religion. The Jews and Christians might have existd before the Muslims, but since Mohammed was the last of the prophets, and since Islam was a newer interpretation of what God demanded, then Islam must of course dominate the other 'Peoples of the Book'.

Today such a declaration and display of logic would land someone in a sanitorium.

Mohammad and Islam are together the exact converse of Christ and Christianity. Mohammad was an illiterate who killed; murdered; raped; engaged in concubinal and lascivious sex; stole; plundered; and engaged in war to spread his political control. Christ did none of these things. Mohammed took a 3000 year old moon-cult, added some monotheistic inventions he took from the Jews and Christians and proclaimed it holy and good. He in effect invented a political ideology and said it was the natural successor to the Christian state and only he could interpret Ali-ilah’s [moon cult deity] word.

Arabs, Turks, and Muslims have warred and destroyed civilizations ranging from black Africa, to white Europe, to the Buddhists and Hindus in India. 30 million blacks were sold into slavery [vs. 10 million shipped to the ‘new world’ by whites]; 25 million or more whites were used as chattel in Muslim empires; and about 100 million Hindus and Buddhists were killed by marauding Muslim armies or sold into slavery. This perpetual war, hate, acrimony and pagan fanaticism has never been equalled in the history of man.

Yet Islam is revered as a ‘religion’. Why is this? Is Bishop Cruise and Scientology subject to the same standards? How about other pagan cults - are they now religions? Why not ? The media, [which Thomas Cahill noted historican and chronicler of Western Civilisation calls rather derisively, the new 'clerisy' or clergy imitating the power of the clerical elite of the Medieval church], their political friends, and those who resolutely defend Islam, need to explain and defend themselves and their logic through open debate and logical discourse. Was Hitlerism a religion too? If not why not? It shares many components and ideals to be found in Islam after all. Are we not allowed to point that out? Or question why the Arabs and Muslims found so much in common with the twin fascist movements of Hitlerism and Russian imperialism qua communism?

It is simply not good enough to scream and threaten those who for good reason, are rather skeptical that Islam is anything else other than a political program of power. Maybe outlining why others should respect an obscenely violent and pagan cult from Arabia as a religion, would be a good starting point at dialogue to help defuse Islamic violence and drag Muslims into the modern world order. After all, all sorts of lurid and ridiculous anti-Jew and anti-Christian rhetoric emanates from these same sources. Why is denigrating and ascribing fascistic elements [which don't exist] to Christians and Jews permissible, but no debate about the real, tangible and virulent nature of Islamic-fascism to be allowed. This double standard is a sign of dementia.

But herein lies the issue with those who defend Islamo-Fascism. They hate Christians and Jews. They hate white culture. They hate the modern world. They hate the chaos of orthodox Liberalism, bourgeois living, and the complexity of capital markets. They hate because they are primitive. They hate because they have no self-worth. They hate because they are taught to hate their own culture at school, they learn it from the media, and they hear it daily from the politically-correct chattering Marxist class.

A main irony with those who defend Islam is that they preach tolerance and 'respect'. Yet they show none of it. Devoid of rationality, knoweldge and self-worth, those who deny debate about Islam are loathsome creatures, boneless and brainless. They are a direct and vicious threat to civilisation.


for more information on Islamic Fascism Awareness week.

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