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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Multi-cult's parallel and very mad, anti-reality program.

Hating yourself is a symptom of psychosis.

by StFerdIII

It must be great fun being a member of the Multi-Cult club. Like the eco-fascist/L.Ron Al Gore cult, the Multi-Cult jamboree is a painless way to moral and intellectual superiority. You are great because you support the cult! No sweat, no effort, no thinking, no painful implementation, no details, no facts – even no truth. Reality is not only optional, it is intolerable!

To be instantly superior you can just sign up, buy the shirt, get a haircut and le paradis sera pour vous. You can lie, distort, cavort, mime or finger-wag your completely ignorant way, to instant greatness! No wonder so many dredges love the Multi-Cult program. It is pain-free and always neutral ! Relativity, the post modern chic where nothing matters and all opinions, cultures, lies and fantasies are equal is the new zeitgeit. A smart car, an Arab flag, earth tone slippers, and a pagan shrine in every home !

But sadly the Multi-Cult is not neutral. There IS a reality, and in the real world the Multi-Cult is a very dangerous societal and personal mental disease. This is especially true when such a hodge-podge of illiterate nonsense is opposed by a swaggering and quite vicious ideology such as Islam. Islam has little tolerance for the nescient claims of Multi-Cult fantasy. It has little regard for the premise of the Multi-cult – that reality and the world of the 5 senses is optional and that ergo, since there is no truth, there can be no judgements about cultures, people, behaviour or attitudes.

Multi-Cultism, like all utopian constructs is in short, a hulking rot of anti-historical constructivism and state power-mongering. To regulate and control society the state breaks up the nation up into little groups, tribes and colors. Then they divide and conquer. This color will get their own school. That tribe will be protected by special laws. This group will get money. That tribe, of that certain color, within that particular group will be given special status. And so it goes on ad-infinitum. In the end no society exists. It is just a collection of little islands of people crying for special rights and state money.

Black economist and former-Marxist turned conservative academic Thomas Sowell wrote a great book on the mental distortions of the Multi-Cult called, 'Is Reality Optional?' He was addressing the broad spectrum of American Liberalism and its left-wing, Marxist orientation, and how liberal ideas were at odds with reality. Sowell's book details the mental distortions that Liberals need to go through to fit reality into their ideological world-view. The contortions are quite amazing.

This modern Liberalism, which encompasses economic and social Marxism, anti-Christian concepts, and crass populism embedded in overwhelming state power, is the progenitor and smiling Mother figure of the Multi-Cult club. The Multi-cult is central to modern Liberalism and this platform makes a few truly bizarre claims. First all cultures are equally good in their own way, with Pakistan for instance being just as worthy as Holland. Second, White Christian culture is racist, imperialist and destructive. Third, peace and harmony are achievable if we only learn to coexist and love each other with the majoritarian White culture doing all the coexisting and self-hating.

From these 3 basic ideas many other disturbing policies and trends flow. Immigration into Western states becomes a large program of white guilt with a-historical patterns of human migrants preferred over historically and culturally more pragmatic inflows. State power is thus used to rewrite laws, dream up 'rights' codes, and deploy vast bureaucracies to school, find work, and provide preferred treatment for this new immigration flow.

Historical majoritarian mores and ethos are than jettisoned for state funded and coerced multi-cultural programs. Education, the media, politics, the military and foreign affairs are all by direct definition utterly changed from logical patterns [alliances, trade flows, self interest, historical ties] to something ressembling massive incoherence. Instead of states moving forward in a consistence and rational manner, we have irrational emotionalism and state-promoted illogicality driving policy.

Suddenly in Europe for example, the Muslim vote in France severely restricts the use of morality and even foreign self-interest as France addresses the rising tide of modern Islamic jihad. It leads directly to scandals such as the 1990s Oil-for-food program in Iraq in which billions were illegally made contravening UN resolutions and the long-term self-interest of European states. Easier to make the money and keep the resident, and excitable Muslims quiet. Multi-Cult weakness informs the European desire for a EU-Arab pact and agreement, and allows the socialist state almost unfettered room to raise taxes, fund all sorts of programs and disarm European history and culture.

In Canada, the US and EU states, the active and very well monied Arab lobby, exerts an enormous influence on elitist attitudes towards Israel and the Middle East. There is no rational reason to provide funding to Palestine for example, where Hamas and other Arabs use such aid to launch more attacks on Israeli innocents. There is no justifiable excuse for modern anti-semiticism, Jew-slander or hatred. The Jewish faith is one of the foundation stones of the modern world. It is truly idiotic to suppose that the Arabs in lieu of the Jews, are more worthy of protection if not veneration. But yet in the Multi-cult world such weirdness dominates.

The Multi-Cult minds, much like the Soviets and Nazis adore historical revisionism. Whites, Jews, capitalism, America, the British empire, Western European development, all of these and more are denigrated, exploded and sneered at, as being uncultured, and unworthy. But if you really believe that the Western world is so terrible, and that all developments should be either reversed or compromised, what then will hold your society together in the face of say Islam, or general cultural degradation?

Islam is first and foremost a culture of imperialism, war and intolerance. It has little use for Multi-Cultism, only in so far as all non-Muslim cultures must submit to Islam. Arab and Muslim programs abound in both North America and Europe, funded by the Saudis but also by the Western state, which rewrite history, lobby governments and put a smiling happy Multi-Cult face on terrorist supporting groups. These groups abetted and funded in part by governments, are forcing the Majoritarian culture to submit itself to the whims of cultural relativism. Hate speech, human rights councils and state coercion against any who criticism Islam or Muslims are only the more obvious expressions of Multi-Cult intolerance and confusion.

This is how empires die.

Empires end when the driving moral, economic, social and ideological reasons for the empire's very existence are over-turned. When the idea of what state or culture means is lost, it becomes a quick fall from a position of power, to irrelevance, and then into either chaos or slavery. At its core Liberalism and the Multi-Cult club believe in nothing. They are the ideologies of negation. Nothing matters, so ergo all is good. Given the real world of power, competing ideologies, intolerance and cultural differences, such a program is sure to end in failure and destruction.

As Thomas Sowell so truthfully wrote, 'What 'multiculturalism' boils down to is that you can praise any culture in the world except Western culture - and you cannot blame any culture in the world except Western culture.'

Indeed. Self-destruction it appears might the whole point of the Multi-Cult club.

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