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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

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Thursday, June 8, 2006

Islam, the Multi-Cult Club and the Mommy state

Time to stop Islamic immigration to the West

by StFerdIII

Islam, the Multi-Cult Club and the Mommy state

The news media’s concern in Canada – after Canadian authorities stopped a plot to basically blow up downtown Toronto – was to make sure that the Islamic community was not ‘misunderstood’. The Canadian media en masse deplored any backlash against Muslims. Poor dears I am sure that the media will call for increased levels of Muslim immigration to Canada to show our empathy and concern for one of the world’s great fascisms er religions. After home grown terror on March 11 2004 in Madrid, July 7th 2005 in London and now a close call in Toronto, we must make sure that the immoderate elements of Islam are happy with our hospitality. The absurdity of the multicultural model and of the mommy-welfare state should be plain for all to see. Yet the media does not understand it. Neuter the family; import more Muslims; give away welfare; don’t form a national culture; destroy Western culture and belittle its greatness – this apparently is the path or sharia to enlightenment. Until of course downtown Toronto, London, Madrid, New York or Amsterdam lies in ruins. Then the media will blame the Americans, Jews, and capitalist greed for the tragedy of innocents perishing in a sacrifice to the moon cult of Allah.

In Britain 1.7 million Muslims or 2.7 % or so of the population are registered with about 100.000 entering the country each year. Many of the most radical elements in Islam are represented in abundance in all areas of British society including its campuses. In Canada the same immigration levels exist with 800.000 Muslims or 2.7 % of the population being Islamic and immigration levels of about 100.000 per annum – a 2.5 x higher per capita rate than in Britain. At current levels of immigration coupled with current Muslim birth rates within 20 years 12 % of Canadians and 10 % of Brits will be Islamic. A great sea change in politics, culture and terror will result – for the worse. We are making war on families, enshrining secularism and destroying Western culture whilst importing people, attitudes and belief systems that are the exact polar opposites of our own. It is collective stupidity on a grand scale.

Muslims form the majority of immigrants in Canada and in most Western European countries, including Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Germany or, as in the U.K., the largest single component. Moreover, while America’s Muslims are diffused geographically and are fragmented ethnically, European and Canadian Muslims tend to congregate in enclaves or even ghettoes. The second generation of Muslim immigrants has been the object of officially documented terrorist recruitment efforts in Canada, Belgium, Britain, France, Italy, the Netherlands, and Spain. Jihad recruiters operate "in makeshift prayer halls in Brussels, Islamic bookstores in "Londonistan," smoky coffeehouses in Amsterdam, prisons in Milan." These candidates often subsist on the fringes of organized crime, frequently in gangs, regularly ending up in prisons where they are likely to encounter Islamist recruiters. They are the latest and most dangerous version of the "revolt of the second generation:" jobless, alienated immigrant youth, dramatic examples of "downward" or "adversarial" assimilation.

The welfare and mommy state abet and coerce the patterns of Muslim immigration, adversarial assimilation, and extremism. Immigration patterns become institutionalized; the Pakistanis to Britain; the Moroccans to Spain and Holland, the Algerians and Tunisians to France; the Turks to Germany; the Bangladeshis and Iranians to Belgium; the Iranians, Trinidadian, Somalians and Iraqis to Canada and so on. The British 2004 bombings were perpetrated by Pakistani Muslims living off the welfare state and educated by the public school system. The 20 or so Canadian Muslims caught recently before they blew up large tracts of downtown Toronto were all resident in Canada for 15 or more years and came from Trinidad, Somalia, Iran, and Arabia. All had public education; some were at subsidized college courses and all came from families that at one time or another were living off the welfare state. In both Britain and Canada the terrorists were young, male, Arabic or Islamic and hateful of Western society and their host country. Thank god we don’t ‘profile’ people in our society since of course no common elements exist between Islam and terrorism.

Conservatively the 20 men apprehended for trying to destroy Toronto and their families consumed over their tenure in the country about $10 million dollars in various welfare support payments. They would have paid in taxes roughly about $6 million meaning that society paid $4 million to develop a terror plot to blow up its biggest city. This is easy to calculate. For the average immigrant family of 3 the welfare state is roughly $30.000 per year for welfare, housing, health and education. Over time the immigrants pay taxes on average incomes of about $20.000 year. For 20 families over 20 years the total welfare state cost is at minimum $4 million and probably quite a bit higher if you add in immigration costs; refugee claimant costs; family reunification costs and university subsidies. At least in Canada unlike in Britain mosques and Muslim schools are not funded by state budgets.

In a recent study by the Nixon Center the Americans investigated 373 suspected or convicted terrorists who resided in or crossed national borders in Western Europe and North America since 1993. Despite extensive search their matrix did not include any mujahiddeen with ties to al Qaeda entering from Mexico. In contrast, the study found 26 subjects who used Canada as a host country. Moreover, while the U.S. asylum system has been relatively secure, Canada and European are regularly abused by terrorist asylum claimants. Canadian authorities have pointed to the existence of Islamist support cells in Canada and have identified 50 terrorist groups composed of 350 individuals in their country.

So what is the benefit for Canada and Britain of Islamic immigration? It is a national question that will never be asked nor answered. So it goes with the fall of civilizations.

Flush with oil money the fascist Islamic regimes are using petro dollars to fund world wide terror; madrassas and mosques. The welfare, multicult, and open systems of the West are convenient access points for Islamic radicals to hurt us with terror and with high birth rates. Demography and oil money will do to the West what 1380 years of incessant warfare could not – subvert the nation state system in the West, and eradicate Western culture and virility. It is hard to make a rational defense of the multi-cult, mommy welfare state that exists in the West. Eradicating your beliefs, history, and your virtues and instituting a secularist, anti-Western multi cult club, replete with easy to access welfare is the worst way to build up a society. Apologizing for Islamic fascism and blaming others is also not highly intelligent but defeatist and ignorant. Security, immigration and military weakness which has been Canadian and European policy for 40 years has opened up the way for Islam to create vibrant 5th columns, fueled by radical Imams and spiteful, terrorist supporting mosques and front groups.

It remains to be seen if politicians and the media will embrace the defense of our superior and moral civilization and come to realize that the multi-cult, Islamic love-in is a disaster and a ticking time bomb that will one day go off and claim thousands of innocent lives – again.

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