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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

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Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Islamic immigration must be halted

Islam's 5th column is alive and well in the West

by StFerdIII

Islamic immigration is creating a vibrant 5th column of those dedicated to destroying the modern world. The Islamic and Arabic tide which has flowed into North America is second only to illegal Mexican immigration and is potentially as disastrous. In Europe the secular, prostrate socialist nirvana and workers paradise, has given up its civilisation as Euro-elites allow the destruction of West European civilisation to the hungry and intolerant hordes of Mohammed. Close to 30 million Muslims or 10% of the population live in Western Europe. In the US there are about 5 million Muslims [not counting converted blacks or those in prison] or about 1.5% of the population. In Canada 4 % of the population or about 1.2 million Muslims are now resident. In North America and Europe Muslim immigration has taken off in the past 15 years and only accrues in vigour. The potential for 5th column activists and cells to wage war and Islamic fascists abroad is tangible. This says nothing about the cultural destruction that can be wrought by Islam or the idiocy of allowing an anti-Western culture to take root in our midst.

The cultural eradication of Europe is obvious. In Western Europe the Islamic population has more than doubled in the past 20 years. Once Christian and now secular, post-modern Europe is faced by an enemy from within as well as from without. Lacking an ideology of its own, and shamed about its supposed colonial past and guilt, Europe has no idea how to handle the Islamic influx. In most European countries, Islamic mosques, schools and associations are publicly funded. Dialogue and ‘inter-faith’ councils abound in Europe yet fascist and militant Islam grows with new cells, new recruits and the radicalization of 2nd and 3rd generation Muslims proceeding apace.

Pleas for more communication, cooperation and tolerance fill every newspaper, political journal and policy website. More Muslim immigrants, more money for schools, more appeasement in not publishing Mohammed cartoons or Burger King-swirl logos, more talk and chatter and more vilification of the Jews and Americans will do nothing to save Europe. If Europe wants to survive it has to stop Islamic immigration; grow its economy; provide jobs and integration for existing Muslims and stop the state funding of mosques, Koranic schools and Islamic groups dedicated to the Islamicization of the cradle of Western civilisation.

Pope Benedict is one of the few Euro-leaders that understand Islam’s threat. Along with Blair, Merkel and a hand full of others, some Euro-elites understand that the clash with Islam is not principally a military affair. The Muslims will never win a war against the West and in fact they never have historically since the fall of Constantinople in 1453. The modern Islamic threat is one comprised of demography, spirit, culture and war. Without pride, without conscience, without a faith, without historical education, with a declining and febrile demography the modern European citizen, along with their statist leaders, have attempted to buy off Islam. The forum for this subservience to Arab and Islamic whims is the Europe-Arab dialogue group [read Bat Yeor’s book on Dhimmitude for more information], in which Europe accepts unassimilated Muslim labour in exchange for access to oil. In an age of fascist, swaggering and oil rich Islam, this policy is Faustian, and will lead to Europe’s annihilation.

While the Europeans in general, deny that there is a ‘war against terror’ with their media and many politicians having decided that Bush’s Middle Eastern wars are waged for oil, US corporate profit or for neo-imperialism, most Euros do understand that a militant, dogmatic and arrogant Islam is a threat to their domestic futures. Yet the Euro-elite does nothing. Over 1 million Muslims enter Europe each year with most Muslim women having 3-4 children. By 2050 Muslims will form majorities in Holland, Sweden and Denmark and have a 40% share of the population in France, Belgium and 1/3 in Italy and Britain. It is not hard to fathom the profound political, social, economic and foreign affairs changes such a drift towards Islamification entails. Simply put, Europe will no longer exist.

But the danger goes beyond the destruction of Europe. Terror cells abound in Europe. 9-11 of course was planned in Europe. French scholar Olivier Roy calls the terrorist network now centered in London and elsewhere in Europe a ‘globalized Islam’. Intolerant and militant Islamic resentment at Western dominance, anti-imperialism exalted by revivalism now dominates these groups. The Western world is their target. Animated by oil money, calls to jihad, and historical rewriting where Islam is the beacon of civilisation and the empire of power and wealth, modern Jihadis claim all Western Europe as the natural prey to a Muslim revival and a launching pad to attack North America.

In North America similar patterns are emerging. Terrorist cells of course exist in North America with 17 Muslims now soon to stand trial for a plot to blow up downtown Toronto. Many cells have been broken in both the US and Canada. Radical terror groups are exporting young 2nd generation Muslims from Canada and the US to training camps in the Middle East. Many Muslim children in North America and in Europe are sent back to the home country for up to 10 years to be schooled in the Koran. North America has better assimilation of Muslims but as the tide of Muslim immigrants grow and Muslim birth rates continue to remain high [not to mention family reunification and the sponsorships of many wives] very soon the Islamic populations in Canada and the US will explode to match those of Europe.

In Canada 100.000 Muslim and Arab immigrants enter the country each year. In the US it is about 70.000. In Canada given current trends, within 20 years Muslims will be 10-12% of the population and in Toronto and Montreal about 25 %. Canadian culture, politics and foreign affairs will be irrevocably changed – for the worse, once this happens. In the US similar trends are in evidence. Within 20 years the Muslim population will triple to about 10 million or about 3 % of the population. This is however below the critical threshold of 10%. We can expect that the US will have problems with its Muslim population but these issues will not approach the destructive nightmare facing Europe or the dislocations that await Canada.

It is hard to remain sanguine about a civilisation that wantonly imports a culture that is anti-thetical to its very existence. There is no evidence that moderate Islam exists and plenty of hard bloody facts that fascist Islam is alive and thriving. Changing your society by allowing unfettered and largely unassimilated Muslim immigration is not tolerant, intelligent or progressive. It marks the defining ignorance that permeates most of the left-liberal elite that run our societies and their disregard for Western civilisation and the greatness of our culture and modern world. Simply put, Islamic immigration must be arrested, and the multi-cultural model dismissed for the failure that it surely is.

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