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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

US 'Lower' Education embraces the leader of a Fascist Iranian state

Think again before sending your children to Columbia or any Ivy League sausage factory.

by StFerdIII

Columbia and the Ivy League consistently manage to reach new yearly lows. Columbia's invitation to have a fascist, Jew-hating, US soldier-killing Mullah, to vent his bile on their campus is entirely consistent with its descent into Lower education. Ahmadinejad's visit is not about free speech, it is about hating the US and American institutional self-loathing. Free speech applies to citizens of free countries, not to murderous Islamic fascists and anti-semites. By allowing the Iranian Hitler to set foot on its campus Columbia shows very clearly just how deranged and sick it has become.

This visit from a fascist murdering thug, shows how far Columbia's descent has gone. Founded in the 18th century, largely along Scottish Enlightenment principles and the 'Scottish' school of education, Columbia and many other Ivy League schools, have gone from rational inquiry and a classical-patriotic education, to the extremes of parodic uselessness foisting cultural marxism, irrelevant feminism and historical rewriting, [along with hundreds of embarassing programs] on unsuspecting minds. Having an Ivy League education is becoming a fast-depreciating asset.

The founding fathers of the US university system would be aghast. For them higher education meant a combination of courses centered on faith, the practical, and the classical. Rational inquiry would be joined to self-development in the philosophical and moral spheres. University was designed to further the ideas and concepts to push forward human progress to build men and later women, who would be ably to carry on the work begun by their forefathers. University in this context rejects cultural Marxism, relativity, and cant.

Free speech, within the framework of a properly functioning University, is irrelevant. Free speech means nothing. The US Constitution's defence of free speech [and free inquiry] rests on two factors. First, citizens and citizens alone would be able to take part in free speech. Second, free speech was not a license to say anything, but a commitment to say something relevant, constructive, and useful. Freedom to speak has limits.

Racist speech is not free nor should it be allowed. Speech designed to threaten minorities is likewise unlawful. There is no freedom, as mosques, Islamic demonstrations, and sundry websites do, to proclaim anti-American, anti-Jewish comments as facts. 'Behead those who oppose Islam' is not free speech, it is hate speech and one premised on ignorance and atavistic barbarity. Denying the Holocaust, demanding the genocide of the Jews, praising Hitler, demanding the destruction of the Anglo-Saxons – these concepts are not linked to free speech. They come from twisted, sick, perverted and ignorant minds. Why then should anyone give these a platform?

Would Columbia invite the KKK on the grounds of free speech? How about the Black Panthers – a group that wants the white race eradicated? Maybe MS15 or other Latin American gangs can be brought on stage to preach about illegal activity and gang warfare? How about Bin Laden? Why not invite the cave dweller to opine on Jewish-American crimes in the Middle East?

In fact Columbia and other Ivy League Lower Education schools, have invited former Nazis and terrorists to speak. Those not invited are people who wish to defend civilisation or who believe that the West is good. No invites are given to experts and officials who believe that winning in Iraq is essential to US national security. Of course not. Even the border vigilante group the MinuteMen was shouted and screamed down at Columbia. I doubt that the same will happen with Iran's fascist Mullah dictator. Warm comments and embraces all around most likely.

So what is going on here? It is obvious. The pattern is clear. US Universities in the main, are in the control of cultural Marxists who hate America. They detest the West. They can't stand modernity. They want the US to fail in Iraq. They are eager to justify American and Jewish 'atrocities' in the Middle East. These are small minded people of limited capacity, who hate. They offer nothing intelligent or constructive. They hate and for them that is enough.

Academics in most disciplines are deeply antipathetic to American civilisation. The great impetus of the 19th century's Scottish Enlightenment ideals, which developed many of America's once great schools, is long dead. Relativity, crass Marxism and post-modern cant and nonsense, along with hundreds of useless programs ranging from the study of sex, to extreme feminism; to why globalisation is bad, litter the Univeristy study program. Higher education is a lot lower, and a lot dumber today.

Columbia's invitation to a fascist leader – a man whose country is murdering US soldiers, taking hostages, funding terror, and attacking Israel by proxy-- reveals this. No self-respecting, intelligent institution would allow a mass murdering Islamic fascist to even utter its name. Columbia however revels in the publicity.

Here are some ideas. First of all, alumni should immediately stop giving money and demand a full change of management at the top of Columbia. Second, all tax payer money must be cut-off and Columbia should be sued to pay back all previous tax monies given to the school. Third, any parent with brains who has a young adult in that school, should transfer them to another more worthy institution – immediately and demand their tuition refunded.

Lower Education should be not tolerated. It must be eradicated.

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