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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Who exactly is intolerant?

The most intolerant mind-set is that of the fetish and morality cults.

by StFerdIII

The myth is substantial, vast, unintelligible and incomprehensible. But it stands tall. Left-wing moralizers, gays, coddled academics and media pundits, over zealous liberal hypocrites, and sundry statists, Marxists and eco-fascists, are incredibly tolerant, moral and kind. The rest are not. Ergo whatever they say is from the purity of the heart, and contains unimpeachable humanity. In reality almost the opposite is true. These groups are not only obnoxious but incredibly intolerant.

Take each group which comprises the ‘left’ in turn and analyze them. You can start with the chattering socialists, railing for bigger government, unions, more bureaucrats and more state control over every aspect of life. From this group flows so much of the left-liberal nonsense that has deformed society; allowed lawyers to take over control of the most important levers of society; and bastardized the educational and media systems.

Mention any of the following to this intolerant group and they will shout you down, call you names, and demand an end to your fascist views: tax cuts, spending cuts, ending government meddling in health care; stopping corporate subsidies; expanding free trade; building up the military; ignoring eco-fascism; reforming immigration; securing the borders; supporting private faith based institutions; aiding Israel; stopping the waste of foreign aid; having pride in our 1000 year Western history. Any one of these issues with send the sniveling statist into an epileptic fit of angst and hair pulling.

Take another group, one of the pets of the liberal movement, the gays. The gays for 40 years derided the family as an anachronism. Now attracted by state welfare money the story changes. Now intolerant demands issue forth on payments, pensions, the right to adoption and the right to flaunt their psycho-somatic illness in public. The gays and the legal-political elite have no tolerance for debate on for example, why a non-state institution like marriage should be destroyed by non-democratic, judicial decrees. Or why tax money must fund a socio-somatically sick lifestyle in which according to a Masters and Johnson’s study [sexologists who worked with gays], 70% of gays would prefer being heterosexual and would prefer exiting the deranged gay life style. But such ideas would not make for a preciously good and delicious TV gay sitcom.

Take another group, the open-borders, one-world, we are all brothers crowd. This group is a big tent stretching from the Wall Street Journal, to big business, to racist Hispanic groups like La Raza. The stupidity of the idea is obvious. States only exist with secure borders. Nation states whatever their flaws are the only way to organize modern life. The size of the state is open to debate or change, but not the issue of security. Unfettered illegal immigration; massive Islamic immigration; and immigration from non-Western societies, are a serious threat to Western civilization. It makes no sense to destroy a successful and powerful culture. Yet no debate with the open borders crowd is possible. Fascist, Bushhitler supporter, racist and other ad-hominem attacks are the only retorts they have.

Take another group, the sneering secularists, epitomized by old, tired who-cares, Europe and the prancing dandies of San Francisco, L.A., New York and Toronto. According to the preening secularist [when not too busy looking into the mirror], only Christians are intolerant. This group truly believes that all the evils of the world, including wars, famines, Islamic fascism, poverty, globaloney warming, and bad breath all come from the Christian tradition.

For these swinging sweethearts, nothing is worse than a person with some God based faith. Intolerant of spirituality they demand obedience to either a secular elite which will tell society how to live; or to the L. Ron Gore earth goddess cult, which will tell society how to regress back to a pre-modern era. The fantastic culture, wealth, morality, and tradition of political-economy and innovation bequeathed in part by the Christian tradition to the West escapes them.

Take another group which hates the Jews and Zionism. The anti-Semites are alive and well in Europe and in parts of liberal North America. Many Black organisations in the US for example are anti-semitic, and anti-white for that matter, including the Nation of Islam, and the Black panthers. But the US media does not report on these racists with the same energy as say their preoccupation with Halliburton’s role in Iraq. A large part of the media and intellectual class, the governing elite, and the misinformed still blame the Jews for various ills. Wars, conflict, addiction to oil, 9-11, job-losses, Wall Street, the media, these and other grievances are commonly attributed to the Jews. It is sick that in the modern age, a hatred of a group of people which gave the world its first ideas about private property, ‘thou shall not steal’, still exists.

Take another group, the eco-fascist, earth-mother cult. This group screams at anyone who objects to their propaganda and lust for power, being confused with real science. This cult is extraordinarily intolerant. It has no science to back up its claims that Co2 causes climate change [of course the opposite is true, Co2 levels follow a change in climate]. They present no fact based, peer-reviewed scientific experiments. They can’t answer simple questions, like, ‘well if Co2 causes climate change why did the earth cool between 1940 and 1975 while Co2 emissions dramatically increased?’ To avoid debate they call critics baseless names, label people holocaust deniers and engage in pitiful propaganda showing dying polar bears [whose population has doubled in the last 50 years]; fall ice sheets [glacial areas have increased in size over the last 50 years]; flooded cities; famines; dying babies and other tearful emotionalism that has no basis in fact or reality.

Lastly we have the wonderfully tolerant Muslim group. Islam far from being a religion is a pagan fascism. Like all good fascisms the Muslims are intolerant of debate or differing views. 1400 years of unrelenting war, and 300 million dead proves this. Today they chant in cities across the world, engage in daily violence, kill non-Muslims and arrange for explosive Jihad across the West. Yet we must tolerate this intolerant group of pre-modern anti-Western pagans and ideological fascists. How quaint.

The line of thinking is clear. Support the multi-cult. Support the earth-cult. Support Islam because it is anti-Jew and anti-Christian. Support ever bigger government. Support illegals from non-Western cultures since Western society is a crock. Hate capitalism, since capitalism and fascism are the same thing. Call people names.

This is how the ‘tolerant’ in the modern world act and think. How interesting. It makes one wonder, who is really tolerant and who is not.

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