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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Yes not all Muslims are terrorists – but so what?

An irrelevant and annoying argument to dismiss Islamic terror.

by StFerdIII

Of the many tiresome and factually untrue multi-cultural nostrums, one is especially egregious and dangerous. It is the fallacy of generalization from the individual to the mass. According to the multi-cult club one must not generalize, [unless you want to defame Christians or white males], but hypocritically we may engage in linguistic distortions absolving the general mass, from single, individual sources.

An inane defense of Islam goes something like this, ‘not all Muslims are terrorists, therefore equating Islam with terror and violence is wrong…I know lots of peaceful Muslims….and what about the Christian atrocities?....’ Such illogic would probably not even pass a Canadian universities philosophy course [though that is open to debate since standards are so low]. It is an incredibly weak minded line of thought.

The only word for such an idea is dumb. Here is why. As far as building a modern, prosperous and moral society, culture is king. Culture informs all, including institutions, the form of government, the economy and of course social interaction. The carnage in Iraq for example exemplifies the terrorist-Arabic-Islamic cultural model: violence, blood and irrationality. Surely not all Iraqi’s support the terrorists and fascists. But just as surely the culture, the mores and the ethos of Arabic-Islamic ideology allows such carnage to rage and prosper.

Ideology shapes culture. Not all Germans supported the Nazis [though 90% did at one time]. Not all Germans gassed Jews. Does this mean that we should never have criticized ‘Germans’ during World War II? Hardly a sensible conclusion. Not all Japanese were fascist Tojo imperialists involved in butchering 300.000 at Nanking amongst many other barbarities. Would it have been wise to stop criticizing the ‘Japanese’ because many Japanese purportedly were not involved in terror, war, and murder? Likewise when Muslims murder, rage, blow up, war, scream and demand a reordering of the Western world to suit their doctrine are we intelligent to deny that Islam is at the root of the problem?

Western stupidity in the face of fascist ideology is nothing new. The useful idiots who traveled to the Soviet Union declared it the future, a working model of solidarity and even predicted its victory over the West. These traveling intellectual midgets were mostly academics, left wing writers, and politicians enamored of huge statist projects and control. George Bernard Shaw and other Marxist acolytes on visits to Russia during the 1930s never saw famines; the gulags; or the terrorist KGB state, but only smiling well fed Russians, happy workers, and clean streets. Somehow the murder of 30 million people escaped these very smart people. From the individual [well gee the Russians I met are happy, sincere, and educated!] to the general, did they pronounce on Soviet superiority.

In 1982 the unfortunately famous Canada economist J.K. Galbraith, much loved in the US media for his Keynesian demand side economic views, stated that the Soviet Union was operating at full capacity and with better resource allocation than the US. He also wrote a book extolling the virtues of China. From some individual observations he was able to justify a system dedicated to the complete eradication of liberty and freedom. In 1984, socialist Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, feted as a god by his country, declared to his sons while traveling in Siberia, that the future belonged to Russia. Duped by the Soviets he was able to generalize from the particular [individuals he met, and the limited number of sites that he saw], to the general and state that the Soviet model of totalitarianism was vibrant.

In the UK 5 suspects with Arabic-Islamic names, born in Arabic-Islamic countries, with a history of Arabic-Islamic teaching, obedience and culture, are charged with a plot to blow up thousands of people. But nary the word ‘Muslim’ appears in the British press. Seventeen ‘Canadians’, all with Islamic-Arabic names, most going to the same mosque, some having spent time overseas in terrorist training camps are detained for a massive plot to blow up downtown Toronto and behead the Prime Minister. Nary the word ‘Muslim’ appeared in the Canadian media when reporting this event.


Culture is king and if you study Islam as a subject, divorced from individual generalizations you will see disturbing similarities with other pagan fascisms. Study its cultish past based on a 3000 year old Arabian moon cult. The symbols and rituals in Islam are the same as the ancient Arab moon cult. The leadership cult, the propaganda, the violence, the supremacism, the twisted liturgy, the adjurations to violence and war, the insanity of its founder – all these and more give Islam more than just a passing similarity to Hitlerism or Lenin-Stalinism.

This does not mean the Muslims as individuals are either good or bad. Many of us have Muslim friends, have traveled in Muslim countries and have hired Muslim workers. But the individual is not at issue with a militant ideology such as Islam. Culture and the ethos of the ideology are far more important.

Not all Communists wanted to destroy the West. But the Communist elite surely did. Not all Muslims want Islam to rule the world. But elements inside the ideology surely do. This is why it is a typical form of Western ignorance verging on a delusional psychosis, not to name the enemy and not to recognize Islam’s culture for what it is – an expansionist warring cult of immoderate intolerance.

Yes we understand that most Muslims are not terrorists - but so what? What are they doing to stop those within their ideology who are, and how do we distinguish the supposedly good, moderate Muslim from the bad?

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