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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

Tempus Fugit Memento Mori - Time Flies Remember Death 

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Multi-cult's importation of relativity - and its eventual annihilation of Western states.

Tamil's in Toronto are just one example of the post-modern fantasy land we live in.

by StFerdIII

The Multi-cult, post-modern culture which now dominates the West is not a sign of strength, or 'tolerance' [or even hope and change], but a sign of the inevitable. Culture and empires are first destroyed from within. Gramsci and the cultural Marxists knew this well. Multi-culturalism is a cancer which is consuming Western society – and it has been unleashed on purpose.

Imagine this. Post 9-11, 40.000 white North Americans [fascist conservatives of course], congregate in Mexico City and demand an end to Arab and Muslim sponsored terrorism against America, Israel, and Western interests around the world. They block intersections, obstruct highways, march on the Mexican Parliament, and clang around the center of Mexico City with signs and with screams that the Mexicans must 'do something' against Muslims attacking Western cities.

Long winded op-eds are published by their leaders demanding that Mexico send troops to the Middle East in the forthcoming inevitable war; university pamphlets and 20-something airheads on campuses along with anti-reality academics, are turned into propaganda pieces supporting their case; and the media are enlisted en masse as sympathetic and kind 'reporters', covering the Whites and portraying them as soul-filled victims of Muslim fascist rage and historically-based aggression stretching over 1400 years.

Yeah sure.

Such 'tolerance' would never happen – in Mexico or anywhere else. And why should it ? If 40.000 Gringos massed in any Mexican city they would be beaten, jailed and deported. Universities and media would describe them as conservative-fascist Jew supporters engaged in usurping Mexican law. It is highly unlikely that in any nation state, outside of the EU-topian Union or Canada and the US would tolerate any such nonsense. However, perversely and ironically, the Americans seem to have a self-hating fetish for allowing Mexican and Latin goons to organise huge parades in California and elsewhere, demanding that American return ½ of the country to the third-world state of Mexico, and calling Americans and their leaders White Fascists. The same courtesy would never be offered.

In Canada the Multi-cult fetish of self-hating Canadian elitists have over the past 20 years imported some 400.000 Tamils from the urbane, civilised environs of Sri Lanka. Canada has never had, and never should have, any interest in Sri Lanka. Why then the mass importation of Tamils – one of the two major tribes which comprises the island's population ? The last and only time that the little island ever functioned as something resembling a civil society was under British protection. But of course that is now termed fascist-imperialism. Bad if Europeans or Whites do it and the outcomes are positive. Good if anyone else does it and the outcomes are death and uncivilised barbarity.

In any event the Canadian Multi-cult, self-loathing consensus, decided or more accurately the non-transparent government bureaucracy and civil servants decided, that importing a lot of Tamils into downtown Toronto was a splendid idea. There is no cultural, economic, military, alliance or historical link between Canada and the Indian Ocean. Nothing. Tamils don't consider themselves to be part of the British Raj's civilising mission in India during the 19th century – an event which probably saved India from becoming more like Burma. They consider themselves to be an ethnic group – distinct and certainly not Westernized.

Many Tamils don't feel Canadian. They identify with their little island. This is self-evident by the massive recent demonstrations in the multi-cult paradise of Toronto, where tens of thousands of Tamils assaulted public spaces, roads, highways and marched on parliament, and demanded that the Canadian government militarily intervene to stop the Sri Lankan government from destroying the remnants of the Tamil's rebellious and largely child-staffed army. Upwards of 20-50.000 Tamils took over downtown Toronto over a 2 month period to condemn Canadian inaction in Ceylon.

Canada has no self-interests, no links and no enthusiasm for the Tamil cause – especially since the Tamils support a Marxist-Fascist group called the 'Tigers', an internationally recognised terror group and one as loathsome as Hamas, Hizbollah or Al Qaida.

And this is the main offense. Tamils are in effect demonstrating in a Western city in support of terror. The Tigers have waged a 20 year civil war of unrestricted terror against the ruling tribe and government in Sri Lanka. Tamils employ suicide bombers. Their armies are staffed by children. Tamil warring has murdered upwards of a 100.000 people and destroyed Sri Lanka's fragile socio-economic environment. Millions are now thrust into poverty or internal migration to find better opportunties. The country is now a ruin. And yet this is the group that the Tamils of Toronto want Canada to support ? An internationally black-listed fascist terror group which has decimated Sri Lanka and cast millions into misery or worse?

Thankfully the government of Sri Lanka defeated the rebels, killed their leadership and probably saved the island from more disasters and death. Good for them.

It is clear that so many Tamils should not be in Toronto in the first place and if they are, they should not be supporting terror. If they do, they need to leave and fight the war themselves. If prompting is necessary deportations should be enacted for supporting a fascist-terror organisation like the Tamils. This is only common sense.

Marching Tamils in Toronto, and their support of fascist-terror is a sick derivative of the multi-cult fetish which is poised to reduce the Western world to a clutch of dithering, useless, incoherent, fractured and self-hating, statist nitwits. It is hard to believe that Canadian governments would allow such a travesty to occur. But then again they do allow Arabs and Muslims to parade and march demanding an end to Israel and all Jews.

This then is the result of multi-culturalism – Western cultural annihilation. When Tamils and Arabs can march around your streets with hate speech, demanding that Westerners intervene to support fascism in Asia, and nothing happens to the demonstrators or their leaders, than your society is heading into the abyss. When none of these people are arrested for supporting terror and then deported than your society is heading into oblivion. When these people and the thousands of marching idiots are not condemned by your politicians, the media or your institutions of 'higher learning' than your society is close to the end.

It is as simple as that. Western oblivion is the end result and indeed the goal of Multi-culturalism.

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