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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Immigration needs to be drastically changed and become Euro-centric once again

Illegal immigration is net cost to society, not a net benefit and it has to stop

by StFerdIII

‘Deporting ‘honest’ illegals’. ‘We demand our rights’. ’50 years of increasing rights will not be stopped.’ ‘North America belongs to Mexico.’ ‘A race united cannot fail.’ Such are the news headlines and placards being waved by hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens supported by left wing groups and anti-civilization organizations that desire the destruction of the US and even Canada and the imposition of Latin culture and race. These groups are not only a threat to society they are racist and anti-modern. It is insidious that some feel that illegals have ‘rights’ or that racial nationalism should be tolerated. The incoherence, racism and immorality of groups supporting illegal immigration are crystal clear if one spends anytime analyzing what is going on. It is time to clean up immigration and stop pandering to politically correct fascism and moronic educational systems.

Past immigration – legal it should be stressed – was a fact of life for Canada and the USA. Yet unlike past immigration waves the Hispanic invasion is full of deleterious consequences and threats. There are profound problems with security; economic issues; law enforcement problems; illegal immigration costs and more deeply the change in society, education and virtues. Gone are the ideals and motivations that animated past immigration waves – chance, freedom, hope, hard work and reward. Now we have Hispanic racism and entitlement demands. Slogans like ‘brown-power’, ‘this land is ours’ and maps with US and Canada crossed out dominate the more insane elements of Hispanic racism. Yet such outcomes are logical results of the education and pop culture nonsense that is endemic in Canada and the USA.

Multi-cultural and PC education is a virulent force that sabotages assimilation of immigrants into the political and cultural traditions of the United States. The impact of large-scale immigration since the 1960s has been radically different from previous eras. In the US there are anywhere from 10-30 million illegal immigrants. In Canada there probably exists about 1 million. In both countries if amnesty is granted the population of Hispanics would literally double over night. It would be the largest immigrant wave in the shortest period of time in the history of both countries. To allow this is of course insanity. But that is what the media and the left wingers want to do – to support their much beloved but failing ‘multi-cult’ model.

The multi-cult model is an illusion. In more adult times the reality paradigm was the 'melting pot,' the idea that disciplined education of immigrants' children in the public schools would teach them the English language, our history, and our Constitutional traditions, thereby transforming immigrants into Americans within a generation. In the US the national motto ‘e pluribus unum’ - from many peoples, one nation - was an accepted cultural fact. Now the multi-cultists, do-gooders and historical revisionists want the idea pluralized; ‘many nations from many peoples who want special rights’.

So what does the multi-cult eventually lead to? In the case of France it results in Islamic riots, farmer protests, wine dumping, students defacing public property and a general reluctance to work more than 35 hours per week and ergo financial bankruptcy. In Canada it leads to a national identity that is not an identity per se but a negativity – ‘not American’. In this type of lowest common denominator nationalism, virtues, characteristics, historical facts as to why some societies are wealthy and strong and others weak and failing, are all ignored. Big government and big socialism just screams that the multi-cult model is superior to the US melting pot and that is that. But is the US now a melting pot? Given the latest demonstrations of Hispanic arrogance and racism the answer is a big fat ‘nunca’. Protests by illegal’s over their ‘status’ is in line with the general goals of US liberals and socialists – the destruction of the US Republic and the creation of a large France or Canada. All of the above supported of course by tenured ‘professionals’ in the non-professional education and media fields.

Illegal immigration support is de facto policy for the multi-cult crowd. All sorts of myths abound; illegals do work that others won’t do; they are a net benefit to society; most are nice and kind; they love their new land etc. etc. None of this commentary is particular intelligent nor is it even true. Illegal immigration and destroying laws; culture; and the concept of one nation from many people; leads to ruin and the weakening, not the strengthening of society. It is hard to argue with any coherence that not following laws; not obeying the systemic and historical processes of successful countries; not building up virtues that lead to wealth and creating a divided nation state is the way forward. Multi-cult countries don’t succeed – they simply dissolve into warring factions all fighting for the spoils of power and wealth.

US liberals must be very glad with the latest round of Hispanic ignorance and arrogance in the recent ‘pro-illegal immigration’ protests. However dancing around with ‘I love Mexico’ flags and ‘Brown Power’ placards, while descrying against ‘American fascists’ who want to deal with illegal immigration is probably not a very smart move by those who are residing in the US against all known laws. All it will do is result in a mass movement against Hispanic immigration. But common sense and intelligence is never a hallmark of the multi-cult club. But in the coming battle between the popular will and the elite at least the Hispanics can count on the education and media class to help them fight the multi-cult battle.

Canadian and American media and education systems have long embraced the concept of cultural pluralism. In this multi-cult model students should have an understanding of the many different cultural backgrounds and histories of peoples who had joined together to create the United States or Canada. A direct derivative of this is to rewrite history – especially when it comes to non-European race history. An obvious example is the oohing and aahing over the pre-modern pagan societies of North America. Pagan Aztecs and Native Indians are depicted as noble, creative, great and illustrious – more advanced even then the civilizations of Europe. This seems rather odd when for example the pagans did not even invent the wheel, the written word, books, scientific concepts, medical advances, philosophy, variegated arts and crafts, travel, ship building, industry, trade, finance, accounting and a whole host of other modern innovations. But in the multi-cult world the noble savage dying at age 25 from war, sacrifice, cannibalism or disease was just as magnificent as those weak, effeminate Europeans. One hears the same tired palaver from Islam regarding the Western world and the same vapid, vacant and dumb acceptance from the media and educational elite.

So back to reality. Latin America and Mexico are, outside of Chile which has been Westernizing for 30 years, complete failures. Mexico is a revolutionary-socialist country in which the original collectivist clique of socialists still dominates the political scene. It is rather sick, but not unexpected, that tenured ‘education professionals’ and their effeminate media allies support multi-cultism and Hispanism including; Spanish as 2nd language in the US; the return of California to Mexico; the establishment of illegal alien rights and so forth. Apparently these folks would be happier if LA looked more like Monterrey and New York aped Mexico City. Of course the millions fleeing Mexico for LA and New York, regardless of their idiotic pro-Mexican flag waving, are betting their lives that this will never happen. They are quite happy thank you that LA is LA and New York is the big apple.

The costs of Mexico’s failure are high. In the United States approximately 20% of Federal prisoners are illegal immigrants. In some states it is 50 %. According to Borgias at Harvard and some other studies net immigration is of course a positive – but illegal immigration is a negative. Illegal immigration costs the US about $10-30 billion per annum according to a recent study. The costs include; health care $2.5 billion; uninsured treatment $2.5 billion; food assistance $1.5 billion; prison and court costs $1.6 billion; and schools $1.4 billion. We can now add in increased border security costs, the near term rollout it is hoped of the National Guard along the southern border and hopefully a wall across key areas of the border.

The US and Canada must not let Hispanic arrogance and racism alter the basic fabric of their more successful societies. Deporting illegals; enforcing existing laws and rejecting the sad sick Marxist mixture of the Multi-Cult club are priorities. Western civilization did not march all the way from the destruction of feudalism to its current war with fascist Islam only to lose out to Mexico City and multi-cult stupidity.

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