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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

Tempus Fugit Memento Mori - Time Flies Remember Death 

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Friday, May 11, 2007

Liberals playing with words to describe 'Islamism'

‘Islamist’ replaces Muslim soon to be replaced by Mus-lamist.

by StFerdIII

The media and the screaming Marxists are wonderful at word games to justify cowardice and appeasement. The mascots of socialist-multi-cult affection including inter-alia; the gays, the Muslims, the deviant, the anti-Christian, the open borders crowd and other socio-pathological groups, all receive the support and blessing of the ‘worm-class’.

Those opposed to the absurdity of say, unfettered illegal immigration, or the massive human inflow from a non-Western, political ideological construct called Islam, or the maintenance of high standards in sexuality and spirituality are not debated but slandered. The worms among us, the brainwashed media, the genital-less marching mass of life-less lemmings are a serious internal threat to our very survival. The support given by such worms to Islam is a classic case in point.

Critical of the Muslims? You are a racist because the worms say so! Well Islam is not a race you meekly retort. Islam is an ideology, premised historically on a 3000 year old moon cult you state. You continue that Mohammed was the anti-thesis of Christ, Islam is suffused with demands that kaffirs, Jews, Christians and non-Muslims submit to Islam. Islamic leaders throughout 1400 years have been demanding the establishment of a world-wide Arab-Muslim empire. So you offer the chattering Marxist reductionist and open borders, love the world, buy everyone a cuddly polar bear, ignoramus. Your erudition and counter-pop rationality will only provoke spiteful, spitting attacks.

In Toronto a group of Muslims recently beat up a Pakistani reporter for critically reporting on Islam. According to the Toronto Star, ‘The Pakistani born reporter, Faizi said the men smashed the windshield and driver's window of his car as he arrived at his editor's home about 8:45 p.m. Tuesday. He said he was struck by the cricket bat and was cut on his forearm. "They were smashing and smashing, hitting and hitting," Faizi said. "I could not stop them."’

This story was buried. No other major Canadian news agency bothered to carry it. Muslims attacking a Pakistani? Oh that is so racist [brown people beating on brown people, where is the sensitivity people?]. The article’s title stated ‘Fanatics attack with cricket bat’. It gives no hint that the fanatics were a Muslim gang out to silence criticism of their great ‘religion’ which has only killed 300 million people through war and violence over 1400 years.

Fort Dix New Jersey was targeted by 5 Muslims for destruction. Only some luck and great FBI detective work saved dozens of innocents. Three of the Muslims were smuggled into the US through the Mexican border in yet another set back for the open borders, one-world, we are all brothers, crowd. Internal domestic 5th columns are alive and well, thanks to Muslim immigration and a society that is scared of its own collective, guilt ridden shadow.

But on Fort Dix the mainstream media reported it mostly like this, ‘Five men -- all foreign-born and described as "radical Islamists" by federal authorities -- allegedly trained at a shooting range in Pennsylvania's Pocono Mountains....’ [Washington Post May 9, 2007; Page A01]. The word Muslim does not appear in the article. Only two references to the fact that these happy ‘Islamists’ were from Albania, Jordan, Turkey and other Muslim environs. Only one reference to the fact that most if not all were in the US illegally.

So now we have the media and no doubt the educational elite using ‘Islamist’ to replace Muslim when discussing terror and an ideology that revels in death. What exactly is an Islamist? How is an ‘Islamist’ different than a Muslim? Is a Muslim a good ‘Islamist’? Or is an ‘Islamist’ just a wayward Muslim a little juiced up on internet videos of kaffir beheadings and a little light headed from reading a bit too much of Koranic violence? Are we now going to have to parse the wide world of Islam into different groups to denote who these people are? Is there a guide or handbook on this?

What to do then, when Muslim clerics demand a complete change of society? Are these Muslims now ‘Islamists’? Or are they in between Muslims and ‘Islamists’ since they have not yet committed an act of terror? Maybe they are Mus-lamists?

Last summer leaders of 38 Muslim groups in the UK, and six UK Muslim politicians, called for immediate changes to British foreign policy. Their letter '...attacked the “debacle of Iraq” and, in reference to Israeli military action in Lebanon, faulted “the failure to do more to secure an immediate end to the attacks on civilians in the Middle East.”’ So in the UK Mus-lamists now demand a withdrawal from Iraq [which will kill more Muslims in a civil war] and letting Muslim terror groups attack and kill Jews with no reprisal.

In the US, the Mus-lamists now demand foot baths and prayer rooms in public spaces, separate areas at university for Muslims and all sorts of other societal deference to their great paganism. In other words, ‘We are Muslims, you will conform to our ideology of Arabian paganism’.

Of course the worms among us agree. After all the multi-cult does not believe in the modern world, the Anglo-Saxon inspired socio-economic system that has generated an anamolous and quite unique period in world history, nor do they much care about Judeo-Christian spirituality since all Christians are morons, and Jews are hook nosed Shylocks. No, for the worms among us, Islam is a necessary and integral part of the multi-cult. Hillary Clinton said it best for these people when she affirmed that Islam shares many of the same virtues beloved by all Americans.

So we have the stupidity of the media and our elite leading us to ruin. Instead of fighting to win in Iraq, and wrapping up the ‘war’ within 1 year, the Americans defer to all things cultural and political. Instead of smashing opposition, jihadic mosques and killing the enemy, the Americans have engaged in endless political dancing, and made it clear that they want a political and not a military solution to a military-terrrorist problem. Funny. Last time I checked the history books I did not read about ending terror through political happy talk.

Ditto for Israel and Lebanon. When you invade Lebanon which is a terror state, you smash the entire terrorist apparatus. No one seemed to mind too much when 100.000 Christians were murdered by Muslims from 1970-1995. A payback is long overdue. Dismantling the Mus-lamist terror state that is Lebanon is a priority.

Far from being the crusading cowboys portrayed by the media, Bush, Blair and the Israeli leadership are weak, unsure, and beholden to buying off the BBC-CNN vote. You don’t defend civilization with such poor leadership.

The media and the worms among us are a frightening apparition of stupidity and intolerance.

Critical of an ideology? The media will rant that obviously you are a racist though race has nothing to do with ideology. Dare to question homosexuality? You sir are a disgusting little homophobe probably hiding your latent queer desire. Care to query the Global Warming hysteria? You are worst than a Holocaust denier. Supportive of the war against Islam? Blood stained fascist. Don’t believe in big government mommy statism? You are a revolting, disgusting Conservative, BusHitler supporter.

The word games used by the media and the politically correct thought police are imaginative and endless. They are also dangerous. When you can’t say ‘Muslim’ without qualification, or substitute the imaginary word ‘Islamist’ to describe ‘supposedly’ terror seeking Muslims than your society is in trouble.


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