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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Multicult club is a sign of failure.

Society is not a group of tribes unified by the state.

by StFerdIII

The Multi-cult club is a touchstone of modern political certainty. The logic is vapid but oft-repeated - the more multi-cult your country is, the more superior it must be. The Multi-cult propaganda, sponsored by the state is endless, extolling in a mindless sort of way, the supposed virtues of tolerance, diversity, respect and humanity. In actual fact of course, the ineluctable outcome of the multi-cult fetish, one enforced upon society by the state, is the opposite of what is proposed. The multi-cult signals a failure not only of society, but of state interference in the organic growth of the nation state.

Multiple cultures cannot and do not co-exist for long. There has to be a majoritarian culture. The Romans for instance tolerated diverse gods, regional or local idiosyncrasies and differing tastes – as long as Roman law, language, culture, Gods and supremacy were acknowledged. Once the Jews for example challenged Roman power in 70 AD and 135 AD, the Roman state was forced to eradicate not only the rebels, but the entire Jewish culture including its temples and vestiges of its God.

The British empire ran on similar ideas as the Roman. Light occupation, small professional military forces, backing up the cultural supremacy of the British ideal embedded in law, education, commerce and innovations in daily life. Once the conquered elite bought in to the British ideal, the 'colonials' could police themselves. This allowed the British to use culture to subdue a continent such as India – with less than 25.000 professional British troops, police and administrators. This is the greatest display of culture dominating an entirely foreign people and empire, yet known in man's recorded history.

The British and Romans knew that uni-cultures survive. Multi-cults don't. Today of course the mantra – repeated as often as Globaloney warming lies – is the opposite. Multi-cults are good, especially if they denude and degrade European-White culture, Jews, or that of the Anglo-Americans. This attitude borders on puerility for its lack of foundation and logic.

The shibboleths of the multi-cult ideology are tolerance, diversity and 'respect', as if these are not aspects of any successful majoritarian culture. Tolerance, diversity and respect were all apparent in Cromwell's England for example as the Jews, and various religious sects were allowed back, even as Papists and plotting Catholics designing to overthrow the realm were killed. An overarching culture – Protestantism – was the framework in which other diversities could act. Without the overarching framework imposed by Protestantism it is highly unlikely that the English would have created the modern world.

Would the Industrial Revolution still have occurred without the capital, the ideas, the energy, and the innovation offered by the minimalist English-Protestant state ? The answer is an obvious no. A multi-cult pot-pourri without any singular purpose would never have created the revolutions in products and concepts which enveloped England and America during the 19th and early 20th centuries. There has to be a framework of law, attitudes, mores, and a general belief in the ability of man, in order to effect true progress and societal change. The current multi-cult fetish supports none of this.

The modern multi-cult does not manufacture any of the cultural ideas of real progress and that is its greatest failure. For the multi-cults, all cultures and ideas are relative and this is the core of their religion. This idea is of course a nonsense. It is preposterous to fantasize that all cultures are similar, or similarly 'right'. They are not. Most cultures are notable failures. There is only one instance when man has been liberated from Oriental despotism and that was through the Western European-American tradition. No other culture even comes close.

The multi-cult is a state created and state-supported religious tenet. It is an article of faith within the church of left-wing government. That is of course, the main purpose of the multi-cult. It is used by the state as an excuse for imposing a state-dominated culture upon Western society. It is also used by the state to alleviate state failings.

One of the most insidious derivatives of the multi-cult is politically-correct fascism. The state and its minions will take it upon themselves to enforce state ideology, state-approved ideas about 'culture' and 'other nations', and state-sponsored ways to discuss non-Western cultures. State-revised history will portray Whites, Jews and Europeans as morally and culturally inferior to the oppressed 'other'. What this hopes to achieve is never divulged. But it does help perpetuate both the myth and the role of state power in bringing about a multi-cult 'paradise'.

Such p-c fascism leads to state propaganda about 'diversity' and tolerance. Sadly for the state diversity and the welfare concept of 'equality' are mutually exclusive. You can't enforce both. Diversity is a large chimera used by the state to appropriate a role in business, private organizations, and to draft up daft laws regarding pay, human rights, 'hate speech' and even the ethnic makeup of the payroll of private firms. Diversity might be a positive but only within a successful majoritarian culture and only outside the state.

The multi-cult and its offspring are nothing more than state creations. It is part of the plan to replace the majoritarian Western culture by state ideology or statism. In lieu of a real culture the state interposes and presents itself as the guarantor of society and its ideological 'glue'. How else to bind disparate cultures, regions or ideals unless the state does it ? Or so the statists intone.

The state thus becomes the creator of 'culture', a concept which has never succeeded in the history of man. Culture is not manufactured by state bureaucrats or politicians. It is not some meaningless 'value' espoused by some dimwit politician on the stump. Culture is a creation by individuals within a living framework of attitudes, conceptualizations and beliefs - all tied to blood, soil, history, land and traditions. One of the greatest failures of our times is that government and the state are now viewed as the enablers of culture, when in fact they are the main obstacles to the creation of a truly vibrant and historically validated culture.

Thanks to the unbelievable size of government the Western world suffers from: massive abortions; high taxation and debt; soaring costs of living; and declining real birth rates. In order to resolve these government imposed burdens, the multi-cult is invoked to allow massive immigration from non-Western lands. New labor will supposedly pay the taxes, pay down the debts, breed more young to do the same, and save the Western world from imploding. In actual fact it does not accomplish anything. Unfettered multi-cult immigration carves society into little groups, each one lobbying for special privileges, monies and favors.

In essence, the inevitable result of the multi-cult is the disintegration of society. Taxes will rise to support various multi-cult claims and the burgeoning welfare state; births will level off as the multi-cult accommodates itself to local factors; and tensions will rise not decrease as true culture is replaced by state coercion, the thought police and the replacement of reality and thinking with government propaganda and state managed education. Over time of course the mono-culture will be destroyed. All rules, laws, ideas, conventions, historical covenants, and linkages to the 1000 year European-American past of achievement will be forgotten.

In essence at some point, the modern Western welfare state, abused by the usurpation of the multi-cult ideal, will not exist. If there is no over-arching ideology or culture, there is either war or disintegration.

If you don't subscribe to the former, you can't deny the latter. This is a simple historical fact.

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