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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

Tempus Fugit Memento Mori - Time Flies Remember Death 

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Thursday, August 3, 2006

The multi cult club and the collapse of the West

High taxes; relativity; big socialism and appeasement

by StFerdIII

The original intent of the welfare state and the idea of the multi-cult social model was to rewrite history and reform the perceived immorality of Western civilization. The founders of the post-modern, relativity cultural model must have known what the end result would be of their experimental stupidity. The vision of the multi-cult model is anti-Western; anti-European male; anti-rational; and anti-spiritual. It is a cult of no standards; no beliefs; no respect for historical systemic processes which have shaped the success or failure of civilizations and a hatred of Western cultural virtues and development. Post Modern thought and the multi-cult relativity paganism that accompanies it, is nothing but an extension of immoral socialist, national-socialist and communism ideology – an all embracing hug of death through indifference. But it makes you feel warm inside as you are smothered in its blanket just before you fade off into a death trance.

The collapse of Western identify is becoming apparent in many Western nation states. All of the aspects that make the West great are under attack: spirituality; the family; high standards; individuality; innovation; wealth creation; judicial impartiality; and responsible government controlled by transparent processes. Equality before the law; and equality of opportunity are the two guiding principles of a civilized state, yet in the West we now have equality of results; judicial activism and affirmative racism. The main principles underlying the virtues of a country; where virtue describes a country’s culture which in turn defines a country or group success or failure is under a vicious assault. The rise of immoderate fascist Islam within the West is just another sure indicator that the multi-cult model is a failure.

In every country we see the same thing: authorities, and the political and security establishment still appeasing Islamist extremism. The media and the roaring liberality of the multi-cult remain in a state of denial about the threat to the west. After the London bombings, for example, when home-grown British Muslim men set out to murder as many of their fellow British citizens as possible, a senior London police officer went on TV and said that the words Islam and terrorism did not go together. The same occurred in Toronto where only men from ‘a broad strata of society’ and not Muslims had plotted to blow up downtown Toronto. You don’t defeat a paganism or a fascism by ignoring its threat.

The multi-cult club has our real virtues and values inside out – and the root cause of the problem is the deconstruction of the West’s identity. For decades, the socialist elite in the West has been consumed by a loathing of its collective identity and values which it decided were racist, authoritarian and generally disagreeable. The elite was therefore vulnerable to the predations of the left, which had signed up to that sorry Marxist liar Gramsci’s ‘insight’ that a society could be suborned by replacing its normative values by the ‘mores’ and lessons of those who transgressed them or were on society’s margins. In other words, losers would be winners and non-conformists declared chic. These ideas gave rise to multiculturalism and minority rights, which held that all cultures, ideas, practices and interpretations of the world were equal to each other and which thus provided minorities with an enormous weapon with which to force the majority to give in to their demands.

One of the consequences of this has been a ‘moral inversion’ and even perversion, where it is felt that since minorities are weak they must always be victims of the majority because the majority is strong. So even when minorities behave badly, it’s always the majority’s fault. Translate that onto the world stage, and you arrive at the view that even when third world people commit terrorist outrages against the West it must be the West which is to blame. That’s why multicultural Europe and Canada said, after 9/11, that America ‘had it coming to them’ – and why, after every conceivable heinous crime committed by Muslims we hear the same mournful wail from the multi-cults that there is some reason; some historical myth; some emotionalist nonsense which has caused Islam to burn, kill, destroy and rage. They are the victims. We are the evil white oppressors.

In this inflection of reality the logical reaction against war – any war – is that it is bad and must be stopped. Theo van Gogh, the Dutch film maker and harsh critic of Islam who made movies showing its hate and oppression – apparently pleaded to his Muslim attacker ‘can’t we discuss this?’ before he was knifed 27 times and filled with bullets. Sorry Theo but you don’t debate with a fascist thug. You try to kill him before he kills you. Yet for the multi-cult crowd crowing about relativity and ethnic food, this is not the point. War is evil since we in the West are evil and our culture and history are by extension a corrupted series of lies and perversions. The main issue for the multi-cults is the message; the feeling; the moral smugness of doing things right even as someone fills you with lead bullets and cuts off your head.

It is remarkable, as David Horowitz and others have pointed out, that the socialist left has foisted the multi-cult society replete with its pathetic white washing of Islam onto Western society. The socialist left with its obsessions on issues like gay rights, equality for women and sexual licence and the destruction of the family has now forged an alliance with radical Islamists who preach death to gays, the subjugation of women, the patriarchal and dictatorial control of the family; and the stoning of adulterers. In any major city in the West you can view these socialist ‘progressives’ marching shoulder to shoulder with radical Islamists under the metaphorical banner of human rights and the literal banners of Hamas and Hizbollah. Both the left and the radical Islamists have put aside their differences because they recognise the value of using each other in pursuit of their common objective: the destruction of Western society.

Nothing illustrates the moral vapidity and irresolute propaganda against our world better then the media and political support in demonizing the Jews. There is a general failure to grasp that Israel’s fight is the West’s own fight; that Israel is not in a separate box labelled ‘land dispute’ but is in the same box that the West is in, which the Muslims have labelled ‘kaffirs, pigs and apes to be killed’. The animus towards the Jews is central to the Arab and Muslim belief system, and this racist hatred is at the very heart of the jihad against the West. Yet the multi-cult club, the raving socialists and the tearful appeasers far from ensuring peace and goodwill, are actually guaranteeing more war, more death and more Arabic-Islamic jihad.

The multi-cult is a failure. Anytime you start to breed home grown Islamists is high time to recognise the failure of the immigration-politically correct nexus that endangers our fragile civilisation. Immigrants must assimilate; we must get back to the roots of our historical success; we have to stop Muslim immigration to the West; and we must crush not only jihadic Islam but also the immoral mommy state of the hypocritical left – a faction that hates the West almost as much as Islam does.

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