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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

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Friday, May 25, 2007

Whew what a relief! Only 25% of US Muslims think that murdering non-Muslims is okay!

Multi-cultural failure and labeling.

by StFerdIII

Poll result. Only 25% of Whites think that killing Blacks is acceptable. Poll result. Only 25% of Jews think that killing innocent Arabs is acceptable. Poll result. Only 25% of Evangelicals feel that killing non-Christians is acceptable. Is the story about the 25 % of radicalized intolerants, or about the 75% of those who eschew violence?

Media conclusions from the above? Whites would be declared racists; Jews portrayed as vicious criminals; and Christians…well we all know they are knuckle-dragging toothless idiots, don’t we. Poll result. 25% of US based Muslims find that slaughtering non-Muslims is okay. Media conclusion? End Islamophobia now! Muslims have proven themselves once again, to be beyond reproach. Only 25% of this wonderful, multi-cultural, deeply spiritual, family-centric minority is violent. Wow! What a relief! I just wonder if that 25% is really Muslim, Islamacist, or perhaps Mus-lamist? Maybe there is a guide to good and bad Muslims and the names we can use for them?

Whoa, whoa. Ease up there on the phobias. Objective conclusion in looking at the mainstream media, and the talking charlatans who parade as caring politicians who constantly carp about phobias? Certain phobias are to be embraced and others rejected. Anti-white, anti-Christian, anti-Jew phobias are fine. Mix in some anti-American, anti-capitalism, and the odd reference to Halliburton, BushHitler, Ariel Sharon, Big Oil, or white imperialism and you have yourself a winning phobia. It is certain to bring down the house on a university campus lecture hall, or get you that coveted Nobel Peace Prize.

Some phobias are unacceptable of course. Insulting the multi-cult, illegal immigrants, or worrying about national security, winning a war, or defending civilization, is according to conventional wisdom, racist. These ideas target non-white, non-Jewish groups and must therefore be resolutely opposed. Criticizing a non-faith such as Islam for example, is contemporary heresy, and pointing out the unscientific flaws in eco-marxism deserves nothing less than ex-communication after a good whipping in the public square.

Islamophobia is of course just another simpleton label to disarm someone whose views you don’t like. It is akin to screaming in someone’s face that they are an eco-holocaust denier because they meekly point out that 95% of Co2 emissions – a non-toxic and necessary chemical – is derived from the natural biomass. Likewise, pointing out that 300 million dead litter 1400 years of Islamic violence, war and aggression, is met with chants and rants of racist, white imperialist and multi-cult denier.

So now according to a recent Pew study, only 25% of US based Muslims support terrorism….and we are supposed to feel relieved? The US probably has 4-5 million Muslims legal and illegal resident in the country with a high rate of Black conversion. The Pew poll most likely indicates that in reality 1 million people support the enemy of civilization. This is frightening.

Keep in mind as well one obvious point. Most Muslims are not going to tell pollsters that they support Al Qaeda, a world-caliphate or the defeat of the US in Iraq. Muslims never tell the general public what they really think. This is the fallacy of the ‘moderate’ Muslim. Maybe some Muslims are moderate, certainly many are not. You have no idea what they think, feel and discuss behind closed doors or in the Mosque.

British studies in the past few years conducted by former Muslims investigating Islamic centers and Mosques, reveal that public statements by Muslims are usually the opposite of personal views. In one Observer report, the Muslim investigators repeatedly came across the assertion that the public was told what they wanted to hear. The same conclusion was reached recently in Sweden in an investigation by the main Swedish daily newspaper on rising Islamic radicalism and Muslim crime in that country. In essence this would mean that the real number of Muslims in the US who desire the deconstruction of the US republic, the annihilation of the West, or the establishment of a US caliphate is far higher than any poll will reveal.

Even some Muslim leaders are disquieted by the extreme radicalization of modern Islamic elements in the US. Tawfik Hamid an American Muslim leader wrote a nice op-ed in the Wall Street Journal. He rejects ‘Islamo-phobia’ as intolerant labeling by self-serving Muslims. He goes on to point out the obvious, “Muslims must ask what prompts this "phobia" in the first place. When we in the West examine the worldwide atrocities perpetrated daily in the name of Islam, it is vital to question if we -- Muslims -- should lay the blame on others for Islamophobia or if we should first look hard at ourselves.”

Islamophobia labeling is consistent with the usual nonsense we hear from Muslims. Blame someone else. Wave placards saying Hitler was right, than chatter that Bush’s policy in Iraq is to blame for Muslim violence around the world. Demand the beheading of any who oppose Islam, then cry that the Jews are the real imperialists [returning to a place they inhabited 2000 years before the wonderful, peaceful Arabs]. Claim self defense whilst launching rockets into civilian areas in Israel. Scream that Islamophobia is rampant, as US mosques demand the eradication of pigs and monkeys [the Saturday and Sunday people].

If Islam is wonderful and peaceful why than is there no Islamic-Arab plan to stop the slaughter in Darfur? Why don’t the Arabs, like the Jews, airlift refugees out of Darfur? Where is Arab angst and penance over the 100.000 dead Maronites in Lebanon killed in the 20 year civil war? Why is there no Muslim condemnation of the slaughter of Buddhists in Thailand by Muslims ? Where is the Muslim-Arab outrage over the Sunni-Shiite violence in Iraq which targets innocents, babies and those lining up to get some work?

Islamic violence and irrational hatred is a serious threat to civilization. Some concrete steps can of course be taken. Win the war in Iraq and beyond. Limit Arab-Muslim immigration. Stop Arab money from greasing the wheels of US and European politics. Get the white-washing of Islamic fascism out of our schools. Shut down extremist mosques. Deport Imams and any Muslim who is not supportive of our nation state. Cut off funding and shut down extremist Muslim activist groups.

Islamophobia? I think not. Muslims bring opprobrium onto themselves. 1400 years of demanding the establishment of a world-wide caliphate necessitates a response anchored in reality, military force and intolerance. One should never tolerate the intolerant demands of pagan fascists, mired in 7th century dogma and pre-modern cultural norms.

Muslims suffer from Westernophobia, we don’t suffer from Islamophobia. When ‘only’ 25 % of US Muslims support the slaughter of innocents it should be a wake-up call that Islamic jihad, and intolerant Islamic ideology, is vibrant, growing and ready for war. This is yet another example of the illness and failure of the Multi-cult club. Uni-cultures survive. Multi-cultures don’t. If you don't believe me read the history of the Hapsburg empire.

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